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Espresa: the platform for efficient HR-employee interaction by LeverX-Emerline

The LeverX — Emerline team developed a culture benefits platform that delivers an immersive employer experience, ensuring better recognition of HR work, and improving the company’s overall image.

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The LeverX team developed a culture benefits platform that delivers an immersive employer experience, ensuring better recognition of HR work, and improving the company’s overall image.




Our customer wanted to create a solution that would help simplify interactions between businesses, companies’ departments, their employees, and third-party service providers.


The platform allows users to provide on-site and online services to employees, including simple access to corporate insurance programs, wellness initiatives, social events, or internal interest groups.


The primary goal of our customer was to bring more value to companies by providing their employees with quick access to corporate benefit programs, sports activities, reimbursement programs, events, affinity groups, and internal communities.

They sought to create a complete platform that would bring together employers, workers, and third-party service suppliers. The project’s objective was to make it easy for companies to offer their workers different onsite services, from car washes, dry cleaning, or beauty procedures to visa support.

Finding a business model that was precisely tailored for the adoption of the variety of services that the platform would need to support was one of our biggest challenges while developing the solution.

Our Contribution

The LeverX — Emerline team has been involved in all stages of the project, including architecture, design, development, implementation, and support, for both web and mobile (iOS and Android) solutions.

It took us less than 12 months to turn the idea into a fully functioning platform. With an ongoing development process, we continue to enrich the product with gradual improvements.

To support all the services a company might want to offer, our teams established a wide range of integrations, including those with calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCalendar), communication & collaboration tools (Slack), payment systems (Stripe), health data sources (Headspace and ClassPass), Global Reward Systems, Blackhawk gift cards, etc. Other integrations included those for custom reports, as well as integration with SFTP and Analytics systems. 

Solution Description

The system offers a wide range of onsite and online services on a single platform. This ensures easy management, ordering, and payment for different onsite services, from training programs to laundry. It links corporate units and individual employees, allowing businesses to facilitate effective dialogue with team members.

The six main modules are: 

Events management enables users to create virtual employee meetings, meetups, office hour slots, multi-track events, and gym schedules while monitoring attendance and involvement based on excellent on-demand analytics.

Wellbeing + Fitness facilitates access to off-site classes, including those offered by top-tier partners.

Reimbursements + Allowances enables employees to take advantage of reimbursement programs globally and in any currency.

Challenges + Achievements supports gamified and mobile challenges for individuals and teams with the opportunity to reward employees for participation in activities.

Rewards + Recognition leverages a culture of appreciation in the organization, recognizing and sharing employees' accomplishments in a meaningful and timely way.

Employee Resource Groups help to build business culture by connecting employees throughout the organization and supporting formal and informal interest groups.

Key Features

In-app and integrated calendars

such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCalendar support the scheduling of programs, taking into account time zones and providing the waitlist option.

Support of online classes

with QR code check-ins for the programs.

The custom reporting system and internal analytics

provides information on user activity and utilization, enabling HR teams to see and assess the results of their work using real-time data and act accordingly.

In-app payments

through integration with Stripe supports multiple currencies. The platform also has an internal currency that, depending on internal exchange rates, can be converted into actual money.

The notification system

includes push notifications, custom notifications sent based on scheduled rules, and notifications via SMS and email connects everyone in the organization.

Health data sources integration

established for the Challenges + Achievements module contributes to the better well-being of employees while improving their engagement.

Customization options

enable organizations to adjust the appearance of the solution (colors, style, language, etc.) according to their corporate style.

The permissions system

omprises different user roles with different levels of permissions.

Web and mobile

(iOS and Android) access to the solutions enables employees to use it on the go.

The Technology Stack we Used

In terms of DevOps, initially used EC2 machines were replaced with the following mixture: Kubernetes cluster + Gitlab CI/CD process + Grafana monitoring visualization.

  • AWS S3
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The online employee service platform created by LeverX — Emerline is a popular solution among American and European businesses. The developed platform is a reliable tool for employees and businesses 一 it has a great capacity to make companies' corporate life easier and more fulfilling. The solution helps reduce routine working processes, streamlines department interaction, and provides engaging activities.

Here's some data on system usage provided by the customer:

  • 98% customer retention rate
  • 99% customer satisfaction rate
  • 98.5% average increase in annual engagement 
  • 99% positive recommendations

LeverX  Emerline keeps improving the solution, putting a strong emphasis on usability so that thousands of users can enjoy its engaging intuitive interface on the preferred platform–either web or mobile–increase their productivity, and stay committed to their workplace for a much longer period of time.

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