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Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Discover how to enhance the entire recruitment process with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Meet strategic hiring objectives, get quick access to crucial information, and support long-term collaboration with top talents — all within one comprehensive automation tool.

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Applicant tracking system to provide HR departments and management with a unified candidate database and automated electronic workflow.


As off-the-shelf solutions might not always fulfill specific requirements or integrate seamlessly with existing systems, we developed our own software to tailor it precisely to business needs.




Managing a flood of paper resumes or sifting through scattered candidate data burdens HR, demanding significant effort to match talent with team leader requirements. Recognizing these inefficiencies, we utilized our extensive experience to develop proprietary software.


The applicant tracking system (ATS) served as a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the recruitment process by consolidating candidate information into a centralized database accessible to HR departments and management. The system simplified tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communication through its automated electronic workflow, optimizing efficiency and reducing manual intervention. Its intuitive interface facilitates candidate progress tracking, analyzes recruitment metrics, and enhances the organization's ability to attract, evaluate, and onboard top talent.

Our solution was developed to streamline recruitment, centralize candidate management, facilitate collaboration, and optimize talent acquisition. This investment not only aimed to boost operational efficiency but also underscores our commitment to innovation in talent acquisition.


Managing a growing candidate pool becomes increasingly complex as your company expands rapidly; many businesses have faced this challenge.

With a surge in CVs, the risk of drowning in unstructured information grows. Accelerating candidate search, mitigating risks in candidates' job histories, and swiftly assessing experience are critical aspects demanding attention in today's fast-paced hiring environment. These challenges underscore the necessity for streamlined candidate management solutions.

To accelerate recruitment processes and enhance the quality of hires, the LeverX team has introduced applicant tracking software used by HR and heads of departments.

Solution Description

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines recruitment from CV screening to hiring and monitoring throughout the candidate's probation period. Here’s how it works:

  • Once HR specialists assess a candidate, a new digital profile is added to the app. The candidate tracking step is vital, and it accompanies all hiring activities. That’s how app users know whether a candidate got an invitation to the interview, who is ready to consider them for a job position, etc.
  • Once HR specialists evaluate a candidate, the system generates a new digital profile within the application.
  • The ATS helps the responsible manager track all hiring activities associated with the candidate. Simultaneously, users stay informed about interview invitations, considerations for job positions, and other pertinent details.
  • ATS ensures that outcomes of candidate interactions are meticulously recorded. For instance, if a candidate initially declines an offer but reengages after several months, ATS retains the details of prior interactions.
  • The system enables comprehensive tracking of business relations, ensuring that all candidate interactions and developments are recorded for strategic hiring purposes.
  • ATS is a valuable tool for businesses aiming to build lasting relationships with staff, improve brand visibility, and attract top talent, all while reducing hiring time.

Key Features

A narrow-targeted HR software system

As managers input job openings into the system, talent acquisition specialists efficiently scout for the most suitable candidates based on vacancy requirements, ensuring streamlined recruitment operations. This feature enhances cross-department collaboration, expedites the hiring process, and optimizes resource allocation, ultimately driving organizational efficiency and productivity.

Centralized candidates’ profiles database

With all pertinent details readily available within minutes, decision-makers can swiftly assess candidate qualifications, experience, and suitability for roles. This functionality streamlines candidate evaluation, reduces recruitment cycle times, and enhances decision-making accuracy, empowering businesses to secure top talent promptly and effectively.

Automatic and manual data entry options

Beyond automated data collection, users can supplement profiles with specific details such as specialization or language proficiency levels, providing deeper insights into candidate capabilities and alignment with organizational requirements. This flexibility fosters more personalized candidate evaluations, facilitates targeted talent searches, and enables HR teams to make more informed hiring decisions.




Technology Stack

  • Frontend: React, Angular, webpack
  • Backend: Python (the Django framework), gunicorn, WhiteNoise
  • Integrations : Google OAuth
  • Containerization: Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for utmost flexibility, a rich ecosystem, and easy scaling of containerized applications; Node Pool
  • Databases: PostgreSQL
  • Security: Amazon Security Hub (CloudTrail, VPC Flow, GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, etc.), an AWS service aimed to provide the app’s infrastructure security; Application Load Balancer and Amazon Certificate Manager
  • Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch for the instant response to events or errors
  • CI/CD: Gitlab CI to enable zero downtime deployment
  • Testing: SonarQube
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In a recent Gartner survey of 144 CHROs, the majority revealed that managers oversee 10 out of 12 actions related to employee engagement. However, just 19% of CHROs feel confident in their managers' ability to act on engagement feedback.

As businesses grow and recruitment needs evolve, an ATS system can scale to accommodate increased volumes of candidates and job openings. This scalability ensures that HR departments can effectively manage recruitment processes even during periods of rapid expansion. With ATS, you receive:

  • Comprehensive tracking: ATS continuously monitors hiring operations, storing candidates' histories from initial contact to successful probation completion.
  • Streamlined workflow: With ATS, enjoy a seamless electronic document flow, eliminate repetitive tasks, foster steady team growth, and attract highly engaged employees.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Interact with candidates effortlessly, access the extensive candidate database from any location, ensure agility in talent acquisition processes, and facilitate timely decision-making.

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