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Web and Mobile App Development for Sports Technology Startup

Learn how a sports technology startup reached a wider audience, refined performance measurement, and elevated the athletic experience with a comprehensive data collection, statistics, and analytics solution.

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Learn how a sports technology startup reached a wider audience, refined performance measurement, and elevated the athletic experience with a comprehensive data collection, statistics, and analytics solution.


Sports technology startup founded by two Olympians in water polo – Maggie Steffens (3-time Olympian; 2-time Gold medalist; 3-time NCAA Champion) and Tony Azevedo (5-time Olympian; Silver medalist; 4-time MVP NCAA/Pete Cutino & Stanford Grad). The solution provides a platform for collecting data, statistics, and analytics for the sport of water polo.

Target audience: Athletes, coaches, managers


The sports technology startup grappled with several challenges, including missing objective measurements to track athlete development and progress. Furthermore, the lack of robust data collection and analysis tools hindered the accurate athletic performance assessment. Additionally, the startup struggles to provide athletes with comprehensive insights and statistics necessary for refining training regimens and optimizing performance.

Our Role

Our team assisted in the creation of a sports mobile app and web application for the water polo games scroing, enriching solutions with new features and contributing to their enhanced performance


The client approached us after completing initial development tasks, seeking enhancements for their mobile app on iOS and desktop. Their requirements included:

  • Incorporating a variety of new features to enrich user experience.
  • Creating an app tailored for coaches and managers that would facilitate game record-keeping and allow for seamless sharing of statistics on the website.
  • Crafting a mobile app dedicated to athletes and their parents, enabling them to monitor progress effectively.

The main collateral challenges were:

  • Connecting with MVP Cast, a tool that selects player actions from video broadcasts for game highlights on a website.
  • Handling a large workload, especially when multiple games occur simultaneously, and providing real-time statistics.

Solution Description

The solution encompassed three interconnected components, each serving distinct functions:


  • Central hub: Users access game schedules, player statistics, and team updates.
  • Communication platform: Facilitates collaboration between coaches, players, and parents.
  • Data repository: Stores game results, performance metrics, and player profiles for analysis.

Game Desk (web and iPad versions)

  • Management tool: Coaches manage game logistics, including scheduling and player roster.
  • Performance analysis: Tracks player progress and identifies strengths and weaknesses. Athletes can also share their progress with parents via a shared system.
  • Mobility: Web and iPad versions ensure accessibility from anywhere.

Mobile App

  • Personalized experience: Athletes track progress, participate in various custom challenges, set goals, and receive tailored insights based on professional athletes’ recommendations.
  • Real-time updates: Provides updates on schedules, practices, and team announcements.
  • Performance tracking: Monitors training sessions, fitness metrics, and progress over time.

The public website serves as a dynamic platform where general team scores are broadcast, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the excitement of their favorite teams' performances. By accessing the website, fans can engage with real-time updates, match results, and performance analyses, fostering community and connection with their teams. Furthermore, interactive features like live commentaries and user forums enhance fan interaction, creating an immersive and inclusive experience for sports enthusiasts worldwide.




Technologies Used

  • BACK-END Django, Python, PostgreSQL
  • FRONT-END Angular, Ionic, TypeScript
  • INFRASTRUCTURE AWS Serverless Application Model
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The LeverX team has successfully rectified and enhanced the client's original products, maintaining ongoing development and management responsibilities. As a result, the mobile app has significantly expanded the client's reach, garnering over 30,000 views in the App Store and gaining traction among a global audience.

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