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We provide solid, trouble-free software testing with the latest practices and technologies to give your customers the best user experience.

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Whether you are working on a project or creating a product, the LeverX QA Team is ready to step in at any phase and guarantee your project or product quality. Our experts have tested dozens of mobile applications and complex enterprise software and will provide you with fail-safe solutions within your schedule, budget, and staff resources.


  • Create test strategy and project test plan, define scope, QA measures, timelines, the scope of non-functional tests, and acceptance procedure
  • Review requirements and mockup testing 
  • Create and review functional and integration test cases
  • Organize Unit Test/MIT 
  • Review acceptance test cases ahead of time
  • Dispatch and manage incidents
  • Manage corporate responsibility
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Why Do Your Software and Apps Need Testing?

Neglecting quality assurance activities might result in the following:

Increased money and time spent on developing product

Testing minimizes the risk of additional upgrades and fixes, as software testers identify bugs and errors before any such problems can arise.


Risk of security breaches

Nowadays, 1 out of 100 people worldwide suffers account breaches. That’s why people look for well-tested and reliable products; testing can ensure developing solutions free from vulnerability.


Unstable performance and undetected errors

Despite the developer's experience, there is always a possibility of glitches and bugs in untested software. Testing helps fix errors before the product goes into the client's hands.


Decreased customer satisfaction

If the software doesn't satisfy a customer’s needs, it is useless. Testing can ensure a flawless user experience.


Reputational damage

Numerous performance issues, security breaches, and failure to meet customer needs result in increasing costs for solution development and enhancement. Moreover, these aspects can cause irreparable damage to a company's reputation. Testing helps businesses avoid these issues.

Need help in identifying the optimal set?

Our Quality Assurance Process

Each project phase is subject to Quality Control — this is the principle the LeverX QA team follows when testing.

Our Quality Assurance process includes six crucial steps:

Test strategy and test plans

At this stage, we define scope, QA measures, timelines, scope of non-functional tests, acceptance procedures, and timeframes for each test phase.


Functional system modeling

This is a graphical system representation where each block indicates a distinct function. 


Acceptance criteria preparation

We define conditions a software product must satisfy to be accepted by our customers.


Test cases

This stage defines steps to validate whether a software application is working as expected. The test case specifies the work procedure, expected results, and the conditions a tester must verify.


Test execution

This stage covers all the manual and automated test cases, following quality KPIs. It also includes incident management, traceability maintenance, and quality reporting.


Bug resolving and validation

At this stage, we fix all the issues identified in the previous step. After fixing, we validate the modifications to ensure they don’t cause new errors.


QA report/acceptance

To ensure a solution is ready for release, we prepare reports covering numerous metrics, from the total number of successful and failed tests to bug listing and their priority.


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Our Quality Assurance Expertise at a Glance


Deployment model

  • Cloud 
  • On-premise
  • Continuous integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Technological stack

  • Client-side (web, mobile)
  • Middleware (API, gateway)
  • Server-side (application and database servers)
  • SAP technologies (S/4HANA/HANA DB)

Project set-up

  • Multi-language speaking team 
  • Working across different cultures and continents
  • Supporting multiple time zones in one project


  • Classic approach
  • Test Driven Development
  • Waterfall / Agile (Scrum / Kanban)
  • SAP Activate

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LeverX Group offers a range of services backed by years of extensive experience with successful project deliveries.

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Having vast expertise in serving 30+ industries, we are ready to cover your hottest issues with advanced technological solutions.

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For over 10 years, LeverX Group has been providing Quality Assurance services to guarantee your project or product quality.

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