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IQ Product Work Center

Manage the impact of product changes on your enterprise easily from one data control center.

about IQ-PWC

IQ-PWC consolidates key product data into a simplified control center, saving users' valuable time on analyzing a pending change event. IQ Product Work Center aggregates 30+ different SAP transactions to present the data you need within a simple-to-navigate cockpit.

Here's How IQ PWC Enables Better Change Management

IQ Product Work Center presents all data necessary to better analyze when to implement product design changes in order to minimize the impact on business.

Supports Business Users in the areas of Development, Supply Chain, Operations, Sales, Customer Service, etc.

Ensures Decision Makers see all critical data related to product changes.

Accurately determine how changes will affect critical items including open Purchase, Work, and Sales Orders as well as current inventories.

Navigate from one “Focus Item” object to other affected objects as needed to understand a full impact of changes.

Business Areas That Would Benefit from IQ PWC

Below is a sample list of the business areas that would benefit from using IQ PWC.

Management and Manufacturing

  • Project Teams
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain

Organized Processes

  • Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Finance
  • Logistics

Key Features and Capabilities

IQ PWC offers the following key features and capabilities to support the product change process.

extended usability

  • SAP GUI and/or Fiori UI to enable User preference for viewing data
  • Simple navigation through BOM- and Material-related data
  • Drag-n-Drop data from the “Focus Item” panel into Folders as desired
  • Quickly access recently created items
  • Simple “Left Panel / Right Panel” viewing of “Focus Item” with all related data
  • Visual navigation through light-weight CAD assembly neutral files

Simplified workflow and collaboration

  • Create and share Folders to collect data for frequent use and collaboration
  • Visual indicators to highlight Change Status of Materials and BOM’s
  • Access workflow tasks from a simplified Inbox
  • Integrated with IQ Discussion to extend collaboration as desired
  • Simplified where used, including single-, multi-, and top-level
  • Configurable “right click” function to access preferred transactions based on the object selected

Learn More About IQ PWC

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