IQ Series

Simplify access to key product data and improve user productivity

See all the essential product data you need in one place

Make better product update release timing decisions more quickly when you see the big picture

IQ Product Work Center presents you with business-critical data rapidly in an easy-to-consume format and user interface

You no longer have to click through 24 different SAP screens to find the data you need to decide when to phase-in or phase-out materials. Your Engineering and Supply Chain / Operations team can quickly collaborate on when to release product updates.

Capability highlights:

Simple navigation

Just launch IQ via the SAP GUI or FIORI and begin navigating through the information panels to quickly find critical information.

Create folders

Easily create folders for your own use or to share and collaborate with others.


Simply drag items from your Folders up into the Focus Object panel to query in full detail in the Focus Object panel.

Quick view

This panel provides at-a-glance alerts regarding current transactional activities for the object.

Data tabs

Pulls all of the current and historical transactional data you need to analyze when making product change decisions.


If you don’t see it in IQ, there’s a good chance our team can bake it in for you. We’re always open to new ideas.

Business benefits

  • LeverX IQ pulls your product data together into one intelligence cockpit, saving your Users potentially hours of work each per week.
  • IQ makes it no longer necessary to manually retrieve and export data to excel spreadsheets in order to analyze a given situation.
  • Be confident all data is considered when making important decisions, because all necessary data is automatically presented in live time.
  • The IQ solution is priced to provide a payback period of just a few months in most cases. Implementation is simple, with just two transports required to load it into your system.

LeverX IQ pulls your product data together into one Intelligence Cockpit, saving your users hours of work each week