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IQ Discussion

The SAP collaboration solution that moves work forward

Bring Teams Together, Collaborate Securely

IQ Discussion is the collaboration hub that brings SAP users together with the right information and tools to collaborate securely in the SAP environment.

Here's How IQ Discussion Supports Better Collaboration

Communication, transparency, and productivity are important for modern teams. Achieve these goals with IQ Discussion.

Collaborate on key content with confidence that your ideas and data are secure, as the collaboration occurs directly within the walls of SAP.

Work on documents as a team, provide feedback in context, and rapidly iterate until your work is complete.

Users can be tagged in discussions, thus providing a quick mechanism to get them engaged.

Provide a central place to keep work organized, accessible, and easy to find.

Reduce the dependency on emails, creating a single source of truth.

Business Areas That Would Benefit from IQ Discussion

Below is a sample list of the business areas that would benefit from using IQ Discussion.


  • Project Teams
  • Sustainability
  • Safety

Production and Marketing

  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Logistics
  • Marketing and Promotions

Administrative Areas

  • R&D Groups
  • HR
  • Legal

Key Features and Capabilities

IQ Discussion offers the following key features and capabilities to support the product change process.


  • Fiori-based simple user interface
  • Supports all devices, including mobile and tablet
  • Members can join and leave discussions as needed
  • Easy management of user images or avatars

Easy discussion managements

  • Create threaded discussions against any SAP object
  • Create discussion topics that can be focused by the team, project, client, or whatever is relevant to your organization
  • Collaborate on files as part of discussions
  • Tag users to get them engaged in the discussion

Aditional options

  • Include links to the SAP objects (e.g., Material Master, BOM, Document, etc.) to a thread
  • Integrated with standard SAP authorization concepts
  • Favorite comments and topics to easily get back to them
  • Receive email notifications when tagged in comments

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