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LeverX AWS Lambda Delivery

LeverX simplifies the deployment of AWS Lambda:


Zero Infrastructure Management

Bid farewell to the hassles of provisioning and managing infrastructure. Just write and upload your code as a .zip file or container image.

Seamless Scalability

AWS Lambda, in conjunction with LeverX, automatically responds to code execution requests at any scale, whether you face a dozen events per day or hundreds of thousands per second.

Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the upfront costs of provisioning infrastructure. With our pay-as-you-go model, you pay only for the compute time you use, down to the millisecond, optimizing your spending.

Optimal Performance

Fine-tune your code execution time and performance by adjusting the function memory size. With Provisioned Concurrency, you can respond to high demand in double-digit milliseconds.

Experience Unmatched Efficiency

LeverX empowers your business with the efficiency and flexibility it deserves. Whether you're optimizing your data workflows, processing real-time data streams, building robust web and mobile applications, or managing IoT data, our partnership with AWS Lambda ensures that you can meet your demands without the burdens of infrastructure management.
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Why Collaborate with Us?

The digital era demands agility, scalability, and innovation. With AWS Lambda, businesses have the capability to run code without provisioning or managing servers, offering a streamlined approach to application development. If you're considering the implementation of AWS Lambda or are seeking expert consultation on its myriad possibilities, our dedicated team is primed to guide you!

Decades of Proven Excellence

With a track record spanning more than 20 years, LeverX embodies enduring excellence in the industry. Our longevity speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering value and innovation to our clients.


Advanced Tier AWS Partner

LeverX proudly holds the coveted Advanced Tier AWS Partner status. This recognition underscores our mastery of Amazon Web Services and our ability to deliver top-tier solutions that harness the full potential of the AWS cloud.

A Vast Clientele

We have had the privilege of serving over 1000 clients, each with unique needs and challenges. Our diverse portfolio of successful partnerships showcases our adaptability and effectiveness in helping businesses thrive.

AWS Certified Expertise

LeverX boasts a team of certified AWS engineers, including "PRO" and "Specialty" certificate holders. When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of experts who excel in optimizing AWS resources for your specific requirements.

Tailored Implementations

Your business is unique, and so are its computational needs. We focus on understanding your specific requirements to create bespoke AWS Lambda solutions.

Efficient Integrations

We ensure that AWS Lambda seamlessly interfaces with your existing infrastructure and services, ensuring a smooth transition and a unified ecosystem.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Navigating AWS Lambda's pricing can be tricky. We’re here to guide you, ensuring optimal cost management and maximum return on investment.

Continued Support

Our commitment extends beyond initial deployment. We provide ongoing assistance, ensuring your AWS Lambda applications continue to perform at their peak.

How LeverX can transform your business:

Effortless Data Processing at Scale

Meet resource-intensive and unpredictable demand with ease. LeverX leverages the power of AWS Lambda to instantaneously scale out to over 18,000 virtual CPUs. Our serverless offerings and event triggers enable you to swiftly build and manage processing workflows, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Secure and Scalable Online Experiences

Elevate your online presence with secure, stable, and scalable web and mobile backends. By integrating AWS Lambda with other AWS services, LeverX ensures that your digital experiences are not just reliable but also capable of accommodating evolving user demands.

Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Gain powerful insights from your data by preprocessing it before feeding it into your machine learning models. With privileged access to Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), AWS Lambda simplifies infrastructure management and provisioning, allowing you to focus on maximizing the potential of your data.

Seamless Event-Driven Applications

In the age of connectivity, LeverX empowers you to effortlessly build event-driven applications. Facilitate smooth communication between decoupled services and optimize costs by running applications during peak demand without compromising performance or resource allocation.
Don’t let the complexities of serverless computing overwhelm you. With our expertise at your side, leverage the full potential of AWS Lambda, ensuring streamlined operations and groundbreaking innovations.