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LeverX AWS CloudFront Delivery

Key Benefits of Our Services

Now, let's delve into the remarkable benefits that LeverX's AWS CloudFront services in conjunction with Amazon CloudFront bring to your digital landscape.

LeverX's AWS CloudFront services enable the secure and swift delivery of your content with minimal latency and exceptional transfer speeds.

Reduced Latency

We leverage Amazon CloudFront's extensive network of over 550 globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs) with automated network mapping and intelligent routing. This reduces latency, ensuring your content reaches your audience faster.

Improved Security

Security is paramount, and our services prioritize it. We implement traffic encryption and access controls to safeguard your content. Additionally, LeverX utilizes AWS Shield Standard to provide DDoS attack protection at no extra cost, fortifying your digital assets.

Cost Efficiency

We understand the importance of cost optimization. LeverX's AWS CloudFront services help you cut costs through consolidated requests, customizable pricing options, and zero fees for data transfer out from AWS origins.

Customizable Serverless Compute

To cater to your specific needs, we offer the flexibility to customize the code you run at the AWS content delivery network (CDN) edge. This allows you to strike the right balance between cost, performance, and security, ensuring your digital delivery is optimized.
With a wealth of experience, a distinguished AWS partnership, a vast client base, and a team of certified experts, we ensure that your content is delivered securely, swiftly, and cost-effectively.
Empowering Your Digital Presence with LeverX Amazon CloudFront Services.
With an impressive track record of over two decades in the market, LeverX stands as a trusted and experienced partner. As an Advanced Tier AWS Partner, we bring you a wealth of knowledge and a dedicated team of certified AWS engineers, including those with "PRO" and "Specialty" certificates. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, with a portfolio that includes over 1000 satisfied clients.

The exceptional benefits that LeverX's Amazon CloudFront services bring to the table

Deliver Fast, Secure Websites

In today's digital age, speed and security are paramount. LeverX ensures your websites reach viewers across the globe in milliseconds. With built-in data compression, edge compute capabilities, and field-level encryption, we provide a secure and lightning-fast user experience.

Accelerate Dynamic Content Delivery and APIs

Dynamic content delivery and APIs are the lifeblood of modern applications. LeverX optimizes the delivery of dynamic web content with purpose-built and feature-rich AWS global network infrastructure. We support edge termination and WebSockets, ensuring the seamless acceleration of your dynamic content.

Stream Live and On-Demand Video

Video content is king, and LeverX helps you reign supreme. Start your video streams quickly, play them consistently, and deliver high-quality video to any device. LeverX integrates seamlessly with AWS Media Service and AWS Elemental, providing a robust solution for streaming both live and on-demand content.

Distribute Patches and Updates

Distribute Patches and Updates
With a rich history, a distinguished AWS partnership, a vast clientele, and a team of certified experts, we ensure that your digital content is not only secure but also delivered with exceptional speed and efficiency.