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Setup a Staging Process Driven by MES with Digital Manufacturing and EWM Integration

FREE webinar | July 16, 2024 | 11 AM (CET)

Join us for an insightful session on SAP MES-driven staging. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how MES-driven staging can improve your manufacturing processes through seamless integration with Digital Manufacturing and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).


Here's What You Can Expect

In this webinar, we will explore the intricacies of SAP MES-driven staging, its settings, configuration, and operational aspects. Our expert speaker will provide valuable insights and a live demonstration of how these processes function in real-world scenarios.

Understanding SAP MES

Explore the role of SAP MES in staging processes and how it integrates with Digital Manufacturing and EWM.

Settings and configuration

Get a detailed walkthrough of the essential settings and configuration steps required for effective staging.

Live demonstration

See a real-world demonstration of SAP MES-driven staging in action, showcasing practical applications and benefits.

Interactive Q&A session

Bring your questions and concerns to our expert for personalized answers and insights.

Meet Our Speaker


Ruslan Aliev

SAP Manufacturing Solution Architect at LeverX
  • Over 13 years of expertise in SAP solutions, including SAP Digital Manufacturing
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Who is This Webinar For?

Operations managers, production supervisors, and plant engineers seeking to enhance their staging processes with SAP MES.

Manufacturing professionals

IT professionals and system integrators looking to understand the integration of MES with SAP EWM and Digital Manufacturing.

IT and system integrators

Those involved in supply chain and logistics who want to optimize material flow and staging within their facilities.

Supply chain managers

Professionals who advise on or analyze manufacturing systems and processes, aiming to leverage SAP solutions for better staging and inventory management.

Consultants and analysts

Why Attend?

Whether you are an operations manager, a manufacturing engineer, or an IT professional involved in manufacturing processes, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your production staging. Discover the critical role that MES plays in orchestrating and managing the staging process, leading to more efficient production, reduced downtime, and enhanced overall workflow.

  • Learn from an industry expert with over 13 years of experience in SAP solutions.
  • Acquire practical knowledge on setting up and operating MES-driven staging processes, crucial for streamlining manufacturing operations.
  • Witness live demonstrations that provide actionable insights you can apply to your own operations.
  • Participate in a live Q&A session to get personalized answers to your specific challenges and queries.
Date Topic Details
April 25 Change Management powered LeverX IPS
  • Exploration of the PLM Change Management Process and common customer challenges
  • Discussion on the value pillars of the PLM Change Management Process: automation, flexibility, and visibility
  • Live demonstration showcasing one of the three pillars in action
  • Q&A session to address any queries or concerns
May 16 Collaboration TBD
May 30 Design Management / ECTR TBD
June 13 BOM & Document Management TBD
Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of SAP MES-driven staging and its integration with Digital Manufacturing and EWM!

How Can I Join?

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