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SAP SuccessFactors: New Trends in Career Development

FREE webinar registration | April 16, 2024 | 11 AM (CET)

How can SAP SuccessFactors provide employees with opportunities for reskilling, upskilling, and flexible development?

SAP SuccessFactors supports career development initiatives within organizations, helping them build a skilled and engaged workforce by empowering employees to take ownership of their career paths. Join us for a FREE webinar on April 16, 2024 at 11 AM (CET) as we unravel how to cultivate your next generation of talent, engaging and retaining current employees to support your strategy and success.

During the webinar, we will:

  • Review the SAP SuccessFactors career development functionalities, introducing the concept within an organization and highlighting its significance for employee engagement and retention.
  • Delve into a detailed explanation of the career development plan solution, breaking down its structure and implementation for employees. We'll showcase the tools and resources available for creating personalized career plans and share examples of successful plans.
  • Through a demonstration, you'll see its features, such as self-assessment and goal-setting, and receive guidance on its effective utilization in career planning and management.
  • Examine opportunity marketplace solution, detailing its role in facilitating the exploration and pursuit of internal career opportunities. We'll showcase features like opportunity marketplace and mentorship programs.

Meet our speaker


Polina Kisel

SAP SF consultant for HXM Talent Management solution


  • SAP Business Processes Consultant in SAP SuccessFactors, expertise in Talent Management solutions
  • 3 years of experience in Performance & Goals modules, Succession & Career Development Planning, and implementation on 10+ international projects.
Why should you participate?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the themes that will be covered:

  • Gain insights into implementing career development initiatives in SAP SuccessFactors to empower employees.
  • Equip yourself with tools to facilitate employees' ownership of their career paths.
  • Contribute to building a skilled and engaged workforce through reskilling and upskilling opportunities.
  • Learn strategies for creating personalized career plans that align with organizational goals.
  • Access resources to support HR in guiding employees through effective career planning and management.
  • Gain practical insights into successful implementation through real-life examples and demonstrations.
  • Explore internal talent development opportunities facilitated by the SAP SuccessFactors marketplace solution.
  • Receive guidance on leveraging SAP SuccessFactors to drive employee career advancement and retention.
  • Participate in dynamic conversations with our experts, fostering an interactive and insightful session.

Register now for our FREE webinar on April 16, 2024, at 11 AM (CET) to discover how SAP SuccessFactors’ new trends can revolutionize your approach to employee development and retention.

Who is this webinar for?


HR managers

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Talent Management process owners
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What will you get?

During the webinar, you will::

  • Dive into a detailed overview of the SAP SuccessFactors Career Development solution
  • Participate in a live Q&A session with our seasoned SAP SuccessFactors consultant
  • See live demonstrations of the solution that go beyond essential technical insights.

BONUS: SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Solution in Action

As a bonus, LeverX will give webinar participants:

  • A detailed overview of SAP SuccessFactors Career Development solution with online system demonstration.
  • A follow-on free demo session to get to know SAP best practices for career development.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to find out how SAP SuccessFactors Career Development solution can help you develop the talent you need to achieve business goals. Reserve your seat now and join us on April 16, 2024, at 11 AM (CET).

How can I join?

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