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SAP Process PLM Webinar Series Powered by LeverX

Webinar series | August 1 – September 26
11 AM (EST)

We’re continuing our webinar series on mastering SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM)! Join us to explore the core concepts, tools, and best practices essential to SAP PLM for the process industry.


SAP PLM oversees recipes, formulations, and adherence to compliance mandates in the process industry sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Food & Beverages. It equips organizations with capabilities for managing recipes, fine-tuning formulas, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Implementing PLM software enhances the efficiency of product development workflows, guarantees compliance with safety and quality protocols, diminishes the likelihood of regulatory breaches, and cuts time-to-market when introducing new products.


Increase Your SAP PLM Expertise and Gain New Insights

Join us for an immersive journey into the heart of SAP PLM through our comprehensive webinar series. Over the course of four sessions we’ll cover the following topics:

Innovation Management / Requirements Management

11 AM (EST) Aug 1, 2024


Aug 1, 2024

Specification Management

11 AM (EST) Aug 22, 2024


Aug 22, 2024


11 AM (EST) Sep 12, 2024


Sep 12, 2024

Packaging / Responsible Design and Production

11 AM (EST) Sep 26, 2024


Sep 26, 2024

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

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Who Are Our Speakers?

Gain hands-on expertise from our seasoned professionals and guests, including:
Lars Olson
LeverX Senior Client Partner
Dave Kramp
Director of Sales at LeverX
Natallia Arkhipava
Lead SAP PLM Consultant, Product Manager at LeverX
Let’s connect during the SAP Process PLM webinar series and unlock new opportunities for innovation and efficiency together!

The Fourth and Last Webinar in the Series Is Scheduled for June 13, 2024. Register Today!

Join us for the final webinar in our Core PLM Processes & Best Practices series, where we dive into Document & BOM Management within PLM. This session is your opportunity to discover the crucial role of secure and comprehensive document and BOM management in SAP PLM and how LeverX IQ DMS can revolutionize your approach.

  • Understand why it is crucial to maintain accurate and consistent product information and learn strategies to overcome common challenges.
  • Discover how LeverX IQ DMS streamlines document and BOM management by integrating with SAP PLM, reducing complexity, and boosting productivity.
  • See the initiative in action! Fiori-based UI of IQ DMS is optimized for mobile use and ensures quick adoption with minimal training.
  • Learn how to efficiently create, change, and display documents within SAP using both simplified and advanced search options.
  • Navigate using folders or attributes for simpler and more effective document management.
  • Explore intelligent document subscription, bookmarking for quick access, and visual aids for easy document recognition.
  • Understand IQ DMS’s integration with SAP ECC 6.0 and above, providing a cohesive experience within your SAP PLM environment.
  • Learn how to leverage the latest features of IQ DMS to ensure long-term efficiency and compliance in your PLM document management.
Join us as we explore these critical pillars and learn how to effectively address challenges in today's dynamic business landscape

Why LeverX

LeverX is a global SAP consultancy and system integrator delivering professional, customer-centric SAP solutions and services to a worldwide clientele. LeverX is dedicated to providing truly end-to-end services — from initial consultation and system design to full-scale implementation, integration, and ongoing support.

Over the years, LeverX has established itself as an SAP Gold Partner and Global Strategic Supplier, delivering over 950 projects to 800+ customers around the world. The strategic relationship with SAP means we can help you capitalize on leading-edge SAP technologies and insights — and achieve your business goals more effectively.

Whether you are looking to modernize your IT infrastructure, streamline your business processes, or embark on a digital transformation journey, LeverX brings over 20 years of engineering excellence to help ensure your project’s success.

Date Topic Details
April 25 Change Management powered LeverX IPS
  • Exploration of the PLM Change Management Process and common customer challenges
  • Discussion on the value pillars of the PLM Change Management Process: automation, flexibility, and visibility
  • Live demonstration showcasing one of the three pillars in action
  • Q&A session to address any queries or concerns
May 16 Collaboration TBD
May 30 Design Management / ECTR TBD
June 13 BOM & Document Management TBD

How can I join?

Use the form below to pre-register for the event. We will ensure that you receive information reminding you of the upcoming topics in this series.