SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence

Empowering Business Change: LeverX Unveils a Digital Transformation Customer Case at an SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence


September 14, 2023


1 Day


Riga, Latvia
Empowering Business Change:


LeverX Unveils a Digital Transformation Customer Case at an SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence

Join us on September 14 in Riga, Latvia, as we come together for the SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence. Immerse yourself in a dynamic platform where the brightest minds and industry experts unite to shed light on the boundless potential of SAP solutions. This event presents a singular opportunity to tap into this reservoir of wisdom, a resource that holds immense value for small & medium businesses (SMBs) and expansive enterprises.

LeverX, in collaboration with Retal Group, will take the stage to share an illuminating narrative of triumph. Discover how LeverX guided Retal Group through a seamless SAP S/4HANA implementation driven by the success story of the discrete industry. Witness the transformative power of migrating to SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, complete with embedded Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) functionality, all achieved within six months.

As we convene to explore the convergence of disruptive technologies and strategic insights, the event promises to revolutionize production stages and business models across various economic sectors. Be part of this journey where industry boundaries are redefined, and paradigms are shattered. Your voyage to the future begins here, at the intersection of innovation and intelligence.


What to Expect from Our Presentation?

Attendees will depart the presentation armed with a comprehensive understanding of how the synergy between SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management with embedded PP/DS and strategic partnerships can reshape manufacturing processes, streamline supply chains, and trigger measurable business enhancements. Anchored by the tangible success of the Retal Group case study, this showcase will empower you to:

  • Customize SAP S/4HANA modules for adaptable integration across scenarios, aligning with business needs.
  • Leverage automation for operational continuity through seamless supply chains and production.
  • Confront manufacturing complexities adeptly with SAP's solutions.
  • Gain transparency across supply chains via MES integration and real-time alerts.
  • Implement PP/DS to optimize sales, production, and procurement processes.
  • Achieve concrete outcomes, from heightened delivery efficiency to employee engagement, through SAP S/4HANA.
  • Understand the vital role of strategic partnerships in unlocking software potential.
  • Explore SAP's global impact through LeverX's experience and impactful presentation.
The number of places is limited

Meet the Speakers



Marius Venckus

Business Process Analyst at Retal Center of Excellence


Over 17 years of experience in various production industries in Ireland, Canada, and Lithuania, with seven years spent at Retal. During those seven years, three were dedicated to working on the production shop floor, where Marius gained valuable experience and a deep understanding of Retal's production execution. For the past four years, he has played a key role in Retal's transformation to SAP S4/HANA, serving as a business process analyst and contributing to the center of excellence. Marius' expertise lies in production execution and production planning.



Viachaslau Sushynski

Head of SAP Digital Manufacturing Solutions at LeverX


Over 17 years of experience in ERP solution implementation. For the last ten years, he has worked closely with SAP solutions in PLM, planning, and manufacturing under various roles, including technical support consultant, implementation consultant, solution architect, and Head of PLM/Production. Viachaslau has experience in cross-modules like material management, transportation management, sales and distribution, quality management, and implementation of SAP ECC and S/4HANA. His industry knowledge spans the Discrete and Process industries, including Automotive, Defense, Chemical, Building Construction, and FMCG.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?


  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and other top-level decision-makers
  • Operations managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • IT managers, SAP project managers, and technology experts
  • Manufacturing and production specialists
  • Professionals engaged in ERP implementation projects
Who We Are? A Few Words About LeverX

LeverX is a pioneering force in the realm of SAP solutions, bringing over two decades of experience to the forefront. With an impressive portfolio of 1,000+ successful SAP projects spanning the globe, LeverX has carved a niche as a trusted partner in driving business transformations. Our expertise extends to diverse industries, propelling enterprises towards optimized operations, heightened efficiencies, and sustained growth.

As advocates of innovation, LeverX champions the fusion of cutting-edge technologies with business acumen. Our collaboration with Retal Group exemplifies our commitment to translating SAP's capabilities into tangible results, revolutionizing industries one success story at a time.

Join us at the SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence to unlock the insights, expertise, and transformative prowess that define LeverX's impact on the business landscape. Witness how our seasoned professionals, like Viachaslau Sushynski, drive forward solutions that transcend challenges and pave the way for the future of enterprise excellence.

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