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SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud — Covering Discrete and Process Manufacturing

Webinar | Oct 20, 2022 | 4 PM (GMT +2)

Does the complexity of your manufacturing processes negatively affect your production, delivery, and after-sales activities?

LeverX knows how to create transparency across your plants and production sites and ensure you can take full advantage of powerful tools to establish efficient and cost-saving production processes. 

On Thursday, October 20, our trusted expert will share valuable insights backed by real-life implementation cases on how you can effectively address burning manufacturing-related issues in your enterprise with SAP DMC in place.

Boost manufacturing performance with LeverX

Meet the speaker:


Ruslan Aliev


  • Senior SAP PP/QM Consultant
  • Over 12 years of experience in SAP solutions, including SAP DMC

Why should you participate?

It is a tricky task to establish effective production processes without a flexible and transparent network. To see hidden opportunities and realize new effective business models, companies need to find a way to orchestrate their activities and monitor their completion to the individual workspace and machine. 


At this webinar, we will uncover how SAP DMC can help you to: 

  • Take complete control over the orchestration, execution, and monitoring of production processes even beyond the boundaries of your enterprise.
  • Achieve greater transparency within the production by recording, providing, and visualizing KPIs in real-time.
  • Take advantage of the connected production equipment and enterprise systems. 
  • Analyze and visualize production data received from integrated systems. 

We understand all the risks and challenges you might face when implementing new technology on the shop floor. Discover real-life examples, get our first-hand experience and insights, and have all your questions answered to bring more clarity to the issue. 

The webinar is full of insights for participants!

Moreover, we will review the following areas of DMC implementation:

Integration of SAP DMC with ERP class systems

Execution and Control in Discrete Manufacturing

Integration of SAP DMC with Machine Layer

Execution and Control in Process Manufacturing


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