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Business Network for Logistics: Leverage Cost Reduction and Resource Efficiency

FREE Webinar | November 29 | 4 PM (GMT+1)

Watch our webinar and learn how to build efficient collaboration with carriers within one solution!

SAP Logistics Business Network (SAP LBN) is a solution that simplifies communication between the customer and carriers, controls cargo transportation processes, ensures material traceability, and provides analytics on these processes.

On November 29, we did show how you can connect trading partners in a single open network with this solution to reach process optimization for decreased costs and improved capacity utilization.


Who is this webinar for?

Retail companies
Manufacturing industry
Agricultural sector
Wholesale enterprises
Construction companies
Logistics service providers

Meet our speakers

Anastasia Birukova
Anastasia Birukova

Anastasia Birukova

Lead SAP Transportation Management Consultant in LeverX PL


  • 4+ years of experience in TM-based supply chain management 
  • Knowledge of the SAP TM process and document flow 
  • Experience in customer demo landscape and scenarios setup and master data implementation and configuration
  • Experience in full-cycle projects
Dmitry Antanovich
Dmitry Antanovich


Solutions Director, Digital Supply Chain


  • Analytical and strategic thinker with 14+ years of experience and 15+ large international implementation projects under his belt


Nikolai Gurlenia_final
Nikolai Gurlenia_final

Nikolai Gurlenia

Solution Architect, Head of SAP TM practice in LeverX PL


  • IT engineer with 12+ years of practical experience in SAP Digital Supply Chain
  • Business process expert in Transportation Management
  • Successfully completed 10+ full-cycle international IT projects with SAP TM focus
Fill up the insights by watching the FREE SAP LBN demo in real time!

To focus on the core competencies, many companies outsource their supply chain management to third parties with their business growth. This has resulted in expensive peer-to-peer communications, delivery delays, and poor visibility and control across the supply chain.

To shorten delivery times and improve the consumer-grade experience, companies must connect disparate parts of their business while the volume of goods increases. This time, LeverX will uncover how you can:

  • Break up siloed business operations.
  • Improve the efficiency of logistics processes.
  • Track business process progress and goods in transit.
  • Cut the cost of integrating your value chain.

Topics We Considered on the Webinar

Your time is the most precious resource, and therefore we have collected only useful information and valuable insights:

  • Short introduction of LeverX 
  • SAP LBN landscape with examples
  • Industry challenges businesses may face
  • Customer use cases for Tendering, Execution, and Invoicing
  • SAP LBN demonstration in real time

You will:

  • Get a complete understanding of how SAP LBN works.
  • Realize how to simplify communication between the customer and carriers, control the cargo transportation processes and materials traceability, and receive analytics on these processes.
How can I watch the recording?


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