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Revolutionizing distributors' sales performance with analytics platform

LeverX developed a comprehensive sales analytics platform with numerous modules and integrated it with SAP to streamline distributors' operations and help them optimize their performance.

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LeverX developed a comprehensive sales analytics platform with numerous modules and integrated it with SAP to streamline distributors' operations and help them optimize their performance.


CPG Data


Our team was challenged to deliver a platform for efficient uploading, storing, and managing centralized sales data. The solution was supposed to provide on-the-go working opportunities and allow professionals to access analytical insights.


A sales analytics platform with a mobile application featuring centralized data management, online data sharing capabilities, real-time updates, data analytics and visualization, and other tools streamlining the work of distributors.

Project Scope

The key stages of the product development included:

  • Gathering the requirements and understanding the problem to develop the right solutions and approaches.
  • Identifying backend technologies to use. When the project was initially launched, our team based it on Python 2.7, Django 1.6, and MySQL database. Further, with the release of more advanced technologies, they were replaced with Python 3.8, Django 3.0, PostgreSQL database, Celery for scheduled jobs and task concurrency, and Websockets for updates of the progress bar.
  • Choosing frontend technologies. ReactJS library was used for the front end.
  • Establishing integrations with multiple data providers, including SAP, SFTP servers, and Rest API.
  • Setting up DevOps with Kubernetes cluster + Gitlab CI/CD process + Grafana monitoring visualization.
  • Performing QA tests after development and after the switch to the new tech stack to ensure that everything worked as expected.
  • Providing support services to the client, enriching the platform with new features and advanced solutions upon request.

Other technologies Used

  • VPC
  • EC2

Product Key Features

Centralized sales data management

to manage customer records and other related information

Accessibility across multiple devices

such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Real-time updates

on monitoring activities related to sales and trends

Online data-sharing options

with suppliers and customers

Intuitive user interface

with interactive dashboards for effective monitoring

Advanced Data Visualization tools

for comprehensive analysis

Pipeline management

to streamline processes related to sales

Automated Tracker execution

for prompt responses to inquiries from customers

Historical analytics

to gain insights from past executions of the system

Entensive exporting features

for sharing important documents and files with stakeholders

Identification of mutually supporting brands

through analyzing existing market scenarios

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The LeverX — Emelrine team has successfully developed a sales analytics platform that meets the needs of the industry and provides its users with an efficient, convenient, and well-organized operation. As a result of this complex development process, the platform is now considered an industry-leading application that gives the client a sharp competitive edge. Moreover, the platform continuously grows and gets enriched with new features that make it more flexible and responsive to changing customer requirements. All in all, the LeverX team has provided the client with a successful product that stands out from other solutions companies use in this field.

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