A cup of coffee in the morning to cheer up before a new working day; a coffee break with colleagues to get away from tasks; a shock dose of caffeine when you have deadlines, and time is running out. Anyway, coffee runs like a red thread through our employees’ everyday lives, and hardly anyone can imagine their life without this refreshing drink.


After tasting different coffee varieties, we decided to create our own coffee blend. So said, so done! We have started a partnership with Paloma Coffee, a coffee shop in Wroclaw that fully shares our love of coffee. These guys have got inspired by our idea to combine two worlds — coffee and IT. And our collaboration resulted in something much bigger than we had initially envisioned. 

In July, we organized a coffee tasting in our Wroclaw office, where the guys learned how to determine this invigorating drink's taste and aroma characteristics.

Our colleagues tried many different coffee samples during the event and chose the best coffee blend. Thanks to #leverxpeople and Paloma Coffee Roastery, our own IT Blend was born!

Now you can try and buy this flavorful drink, created by techies for techies, at Paloma Coffee in Wroclaw! If you want to know more about our IT Blend and order coffee online, visit: https://leverx.com/career/events-projects/itcoffeeblend.

Drink technically correct coffee without bugs and glitches!


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