In this article, we talk about our talented colleagues. Who are they — our #leverxpeople?

Uladzislau Vavilau (Speedcubing Fan)

When did you find speedcubing interesting?

— It was nine years ago, when I was in 10th grade. In the subway, I saw a guy who was quickly solving a Rubik's Cube. It impressed me so much that I decided to learn it too.
After that, I spent all my savings, about $25, on my first Rubik’s cube. Yes, it was expensive, but, worth noting, the cube was original.

How much did it take you to solve the puzzle?

— The first time it took me a day, and I had to learn various lifehacks. Then, I decided to join the speedcuber community.

What kind of community is it?

— This is a club of people who speed solve Rubik’s cubes. When I was really involved in speedcubing, I constantly met other Rubik’s fans, we solved puzzles together, shared formulas which help become faster in this.


— These are methods to solve certain problems when solving a puzzle. To solve a cube in 15-20 seconds, you need to know about 200-300 formulas. 5-6 formulas can be enough to do this in a minute and a half. But using this method involves repetitive manipulations, which is not convenient.

Is it possible to twist the Rubik’s cube the way it will become unsolvable

— No, if the cube is not damaged, it can always be solved using formulas.

How many formulas do you know?

— Around 400. 

Is it really possible to memorize all of them?

— This is all about muscle memory 一 your hands do memorize everything. 

What is your speedcubing record?

— I can solve a cube for 8.92 seconds with both hands and for 25 seconds using one hand.

Do you have something more to achieve? Are you the fastest in our country?

— Of course, I have! The speedcubing record in Belarus is about 6-7 seconds with both hands and about 15 with one hand.

Have you participated in any speedcubing competitions?

— Yes, I did in 2014. I even set a national record for solving the Clock puzzle, also called Rubik's clock, the aim of which is to set all clocks straight up on both sides of the puzzle simultaneously. It took me 18.23 seconds to solve it.

What is the secret of solving a Rubik's Cube? Just formulas?

— Those who now set records in speedcubing solve a thousand cubes a day. Not everyone is ready for this. My record is solving 300 cubes a day. I can say with certainty that this is not a thing you want to spend time on. Besides speedcubing, I usually have many things to do.