LeverX SAP Yard Logistics Solution Packages

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Discover Business Benefits of Using the Mix of Our Experience and SAP Yard Logistics

Ability to schedule and control both inbound and outbound traffic in the yard

Overall simplification of truck, container, and rail yard management processes

Real-time monitoring of yard arrival, departure, loading, and unloading processes

Visual representation of the yard structure, assets, and actual situation in real time

Easier decision-making processes thanks to intuitive user interfaces

Manual creation of movement, non-movement, loading, and unloading tasks for yard workers

Execution of yard operations using mobile apps, which reduces the number of paper-based processes

LeverX SAP Yard Logistics Packages: Explore Our Offer

Our experience in working with the product, customizing it to the client’s needs, and developing additional tools to enrich the functionality of SAP Yard Logistics (YL) allowed us to assemble LeverX SAP YL Solution Packages. They respond to the most common yard logistics demands and cover all essential steps on the way to successful SAP YL implementation.

Yard Logistics Implementation for Truck Yards (Basic SAP Yard Logistics Package)

Timeline: 6 weeks

Package Scope:

Configuration of the SAP Yard Logistics solution for one truck yard, which consists of:

  • Up to 2 warehouse buildings
  • Up to 100 parking lots
  • Up to 5 container storages areas
  • 2 checkpoints

Support of up to 5 truck/trailer types and 5 container types

3D visualization of the yard using default 3D object models for truck, container, and buildings

5 possible types of yard operations:

  • Truck movements within the yard
  • Loading/coupling of the container to the truck
  • Unloading/decoupling of the container from the truck
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance

Up to 10 possible types of maintenance (with different durations of the planned execution time)

Support of 2 loading schemes:

  • 1 container loaded on one truck/trailer
  • 2 containers loaded on one truck/trailer

Application for monitoring existing vehicles in the yard and trucks that plan to arrive

Possible indication of container statuses relevant for warehouse processes:

  • Docked at Door
  • Unloading
  • Loading
  • Ready for Departure
  • Blocked

Report for activity execution times and KPIs

Seal number management

Mobile applications:

  • Self-check-in for truck drivers
  • Yard task creation
  • Yard task execution


  • Customer can provide the graphical layout for their yard
  • Customer fills in the required forms, providing the yard, trucks, and containers fleet information

Additional Services to the Basic SAP Yard Logistics Package

Integration with the ERP system (per document)

Timeline: 4 weeks

Package Scope:

  • Implementation of one inbound interface (web service or IDoc) with the delivery-based information
  • Automatic mapping of inbound data from an external system to Yard Logistics data

Basic Integration with SAP Transportation Management

Timeline: 6 weeks

Package Scope:

  • Receiving information and loading instructions from SAP Transportation Management Freight Orders
  • Sending loading/unloading notifications from SAP Yard Logistics to SAP Transportation Management

LeverX Is Ready to Adapt SAP YL to the Needs of Your Business!