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What is a LeverX Solution Package?

LeverX solution package is a combo kit of SAP software and LeverX services designed to tackle specific business issues and address particular business or industry requirements.

Depending on the package type, the services included range from LeverX applications, add-ons, and extensions to business consulting and live demo systems.

A third ingredient playing the key role is our expertise — thanks to our versatile SAP, industry, and project experience, we determine the most common business needs in procurement, planning, logistics, or transportation and set up a package capable of covering them.

In other words, LeverX experts put SAP solutions (or their separate features) and value-added services together like pieces of a puzzle. Customers get a ready-made bundle for their urgent business needs.

LeverX solution packages are digital in their DNA — less vendor-customer interaction is required, which favors a productive remote delivery model.

LeverX Solution Package vs Traditional Implementation Service: What to Choose?

Deep understanding of SAP software, technologies, and methodologies check

LeverX Solution Package


Traditional Implementation Service

Faster go-to-market check check
Solutions to common business challenges check check
Solutions to non-trivial business issues * check check
LeverX Solution Package
Traditional Implementation Service
Deep understanding of SAP software, technologies, and methodologies Faster go-to-market Solutions to common business challenges Solutions to non-trivial business issues *
check check check check
check check check check
* Although solution packages may be extended with extra features according to your needs, the more customization is needed, the quicker it turns into a traditional implementation service.

Why Choose LeverX Solution Packages for Your Business

Hit the Business Target

The concept of our targeted solution packages is to satisfy certain industry requirements and business processes.

Save Your Time and Money

As the project scope is already predefined, a solution package solves your business task in the shortest terms and at an affordable fixed price.

Mitigate Risks Successfully

LeverX solution packages and our project experience make sure that there will be no technical troubles with the implementation or timeline shifts.

Decrease Time to Value

With LeverX solution packages, you achieve the expected results within a short time possible.

Provide Minimum Work Effort from Your Side

You get a pre-configured solution to your business issue, so we meet your needs without your continued involvement.

LeverX Solution Packages: What We Offer

LeverX SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Use all SAP PLM opportunities for driving your business

LeverX SAP Asset Management

Adopt the proactive approach to asset management

LeverX SAP Environment, Health, and Safety

Provide environmentally friendly and safety-compliant processes during the product lifecycle

LeverX SAP Ariba

Enhance and simplify your procurement and sourcing processes

LeverX SAP Yard Logistics

Make yard management more efficient and profitable

Find the best solution tailored to your business needs

FAQ About LeverX Solution Packages: What You Need to Know

What are the criteria for making up solution packages?

Our expertise is above all here. We accumulate our project experience, automation solutions, and our tech know-how with the aim to give a customer an out-of-the-box solution to their business issue, while providing a fair price and minimal time expenses.

Solution packages are characterized by the fixed, predefined scope. What if I want to include extra add-ons or features?

A predefined scope doesn’t mean that a solution is not flexible. Based on the customers’ specific requirements and expectations, LeverX adjusts the package to meet the identified client needs. So, you are free to expand the package functionality as well as skip its unnecessary components, thus changing the package price up or down.

My business issue requires too much customization, including preparing a solution design, proof of concept, etc. Will solution packages work in such cases?

If none of our packages cover your business demands, we are ready to support you on the way to business enhancements and deal with the solution design and implementation, thus following a standard project management methodology.

What are the implementation peculiarities of solution packages?

Time-to-market is accelerated dramatically, as a solution package implies a fixed project scope, predictable outcomes, less contribution from the customer’s side, and utmost transparency for both parties.

Are user training sessions included in LeverX solution packages?

It depends on the package type, but any package covers comprehensible documentation on the solution and a training webinar on a remote basis if requested. Another thing is that standard solution packages are pretty clear and easily understandable, so a little training effort will be enough.