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Benefit from SAPUI5/Fiori applications with advanced UIs

SAPUI5, or SAP user interface for HTML5, is a software development toolkit for building user interfaces in SAP applications. Its extensive set of libraries and tools based on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 allows for the design of UIs for an enterprise application of any complexity.

SAPUI5 serves as a technology basis for a collection of SAP Fiori applications that can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. Thanks to powerful SAPUI5 components and SAP Fiori design principles, our clients end up getting high-end, intuitive, and user-friendly applications.

Explore SAPUI5/Fiori capabilities for your enterprise

The SAPUI5 framework not only streamlines web application development, but also covers a number of front-end requirements. Being the latest buzz topic in the SAP user experience strategy, SAP Fiori facilitates the customer receiving a number of business benefits.

User-centered design principle

Fiori apps have a positive impact on many different business areas — the apps are free from excessive complexity and notable for a comfortable and simple user experience.

Broad set of visual components

SAPUI5 offers a wide choice of features to introduce a state-of-the-art web application in a short time-span. The toolkit allows for a focus on the strategic purposes of the apps, while it manages development issues. SAPUI5 enables simultaneous development of mobile and web versions of an app.

Fiori SAP ui5

Consistency as a key to better usability and user experience

An SAPUI5/Fiori app stands out for its consistent design language and predefined UX patterns, which makes it user-friendly and intuitive when you access it from any browser on any mobile device.

One UI for all devices

When it comes to different devices, SAPUI5/Fiori applications give equal priority to all of them. You can smoothly run an SAPUI5/Fiori app on desktops or use smartphones and tablets — user interface controls operate flawlessly regardless of the device chosen.

SAP Fiori apps development

Take advantage of our experience in building SAPUI5/Fiori applications

LeverX's expertise includes more than 100 projects delivered in B2C and B2B areas. Among them are:

  • 42 Fiori applications for S/4HANA
  • 50 Fiori/SAPUI5 applications in a variety of different areas
  • 20 SAP Demo scenarios


Our team consists of experts who are ready to assist in business analysis, UI/UX and architecture design, consulting, developing applications from scratch, and QA testing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to enjoy the UI flexibility of SAPUI5 applications.