SAP SDK for iOS as a new wave in enterprise mobility

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Get the apps that will transform your business using SAP SDK for iOS

SAP Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS is a Swift-based set of frameworks and tools to build high-performing enterprise mobile apps with the required functionality for iPhone and iPad. It offers various key building blocks and an extensive library of UX and UI components.

Besides, SAP SDK for iOS provides smooth access to backend services and cutting-edge device capabilities, namely Location Services, Notifications, and Touch ID, and connection to the latest SAP Cloud Platform mobile services. The LeverX team helps enterprises from different lines of business expand their mobile portfolio with SAP SDK for iOS-based mobile apps.

Stay ahead in the age of mobile relying on the possibilities of SAP iOS SDK

LeverX team is always eager to build native mobile apps that effectively utilize SAP iOS SDK benefits for businesses. Here are the advantages of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS when it comes to creating mobile apps for enterprises:

Deliver all required features

SAP SDK for iOS simplifies dealing with the needs of digital enterprises — such enterprise features as offline data synchronization or single sign-on are easy to implement.

Access valuable data

SAP SDK for iOS enables secure access to SAP S/4HANA and third-party systems, which helps to build native apps that get the best out of the real-time data and deliver exceptional user experience.

SAP mobile platform SDK

Embrace various business areas

SAP SDK for iOS is designed to build native iOS apps for the diversity of industries, including finance, transport, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

Therefore, such SDK-based iOS apps are perfectly tailored to the specific business needs.

Accompany businesses on their digital journeys

SAP SDK for iOS favors creating iOS mobile apps that are capable of driving digital transformation by revamping enterprise business strategies.

SAP cloud platform SDK for iOS

Keep focus on a perfect iOS mobile app's UI taking the best of SAP opportunities

On top of its frameworks, SAP Cloud Platform iOS SDK involves the elements of SAP Fiori for iOS — a design language to create catchy apps. Among them are UI patterns, templates, building blocks, and design components. It results in the rapid development of the apps’ UIs.

If you are interested in other tips on how to get a mobile app with an impeccable user interface, the LeverX team is at your disposal. We can demonstrate the abundance of SAP iOS SDK possibilities for mobile apps’ UIs and create a native mobile app of any complexity.