Manage Loan Processes Effectively with SAP S/4HANA Banking for Complex Loans

The solution won’t let you miss any single step across the loan-related procedures

Meet the extended loan processing opportunities

The reputable SAP system for supporting loan processing and the whole cycle of a loan transaction, SAP Loans Management for Banking, has become the base for the SAP S/4HANA Banking solution for complex loans. The latter is targeted at banks that cover multi-level financial structures, schemes, and operations.

SAP S/4HANA Banking for Complex Loans regulates the creation of structured loans and deals with syndication, covenants, rules of payment chains and drawdown, various currencies, and different types of borrowers. The solution monitors withdrawal operations, waivers, renewals, current returns, etc. On top of that, all money flows, either incoming or outcoming, are tracked.

There is a great deal of features performed by SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans. As LeverX experts have first-hand knowledge of product capacities, they have identified the major ones. The solution enables:

  • Payment control processing. SAP SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans handles the data on loan purposes or types of payment;
  • Providing financing overview;
  • Loan condition processing (interest, fee, or repayment terms);
  • Maintaining covenants, and much more.

No more challenges with complex loans and large borrowers

SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans is involved in order to resolve the issues of large borrowers, their challenging financial demands, and the related loan procedures.

If your central goal is ensuring a smooth lifecycle of all loan agreements, the SAP solution is definitely a tool to apply. It will offer a bunch of functions to meet the requirements of complex loans and support all their stages.

Conduct all loan-related business operations with ease

Financial Workplace gives all process participants quick and central access to handling all deals with loans, finances, guarantees, benefits, and so on.

With SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans, you’ll get the intuitive and user-friendly app to manage complex loans. LeverX is working with both SAP Loans Management for Banking and SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans to automate handling of loan transactions. Customers already experience the following benefits of the solutions:

  • Issuing financing products according to their specifics and requirements;
  • Streamlining operational tasks thanks to the easy-to-use solution;
  • Mitigating manual effort when it comes to credit operations;
  • Making their solution architecture easier as a single back-end is used for standard and complex loans.

Need to manage loan transactions and search for an appropriate solution? We’ll be pleased to explain how SAP S/4HANA Banking for complex loans will improve your business.