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Arrange your digital journey with SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is a portfolio of disruptive technologies, services, and tools that help businesses implement their digital transformation strategies and achieve better business results. SAP Leonardo technologies are available for cloud and on-premise deployment that is based either on SAP Cloud Platform or on SAP HANA Platform.

They contribute to supporting business objectives and creating innovative software solutions in the following areas: 

  • Internet of Things
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Analytics
  •  Big Data
  •  Design Thinking
  •  Blockchain
  •  Data Intelligence

Feel the power of human-computer cooperation using AI-driven software

SAP Leonardo covers software for machine learning that helps to tackle various business issues across different industries. Among the solutions is SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation that gets knowledge from structured and unstructured data to improve business processes, from rendering of accounts to customer retention.

The LeverX team uses the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning software to help companies meet a number of business targets, including:

  • Achieving customer loyalty or taking customer experience to the next level
  • Estimation of the efficiency of advertising
  • Automation of financial processes to let organizations focus on strategic issues rather than on routine manual operations
SAP Leonardo

Choose SAP Leonardo IoT innovation services that will deliver business value

LeverX leverages solutions from the SAP Leonardo portfolio to unlock their potential for clients.  One of our key focuses is the development of IoT systems and solutions.

Enriching business processes with IoT leads to finding the solutions to branch-specific issues and brings a number of advantages, specifically, anticipating accidents, remote diagnostics of devices, manufacturing process control, automating operations, or reducing compliance costs and minimizing financial loss.

The extensive SAP Leonardo system covers IoT applications, services, and technologies to meet all IoT needs and manage:

  •  Goods and equipment
  •  Production assets
  •  Logistics assets
  •  Infrastructure
  •  End market
  •  Staff