SAP Mobile Scenarios (SAP WM and SAP AM)

Automate equipment maintenance and repair processes with SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager mobile solutions.

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Extend the life of assets with SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager

Take advantage of mobile scenarios for maintenance and repair management with SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager mobile solutions.

SAP WM and SAP AM provide access to comprehensive information about the state of enterprise assets and allow you to take an integrated approach to their maintenance, taking into account the complexity and variety of supported equipment and systems.

SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager share the same goal: both are aimed at the provision of interactive, offline access to contextual, visualized information about the state of equipment and systems of the enterprise.


SAP Work Manager

Classic SAP solution for mobile devices with fully developed, broad functionality. It offers both on-premise and cloud hosting capabilities.

SAP Asset Manager

Modern cloud-based solution. The SAP actively enhances its features and functions to ensure the solution's modernity. For example, SAP AM can be integrated with the innovative SAP Cloud Platform IoT.

Both products are supported by SAP and used to improve the efficiency of company's assets with monitoring, analytics, and timely diagnostic capabilities.

Improve work efficiency by providing service technicians with ease to use software that offers process automation

Both SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager enable companies to automate MRO management processes. The key solutions' capabilities include:

Repair object data management on mobile devices

  • Creation/modification of functional locations
  • Creation/modification, installation/dismantling of equipment units
  • Monitoring of measuring points/counters of repair objects
  • Classification of repair objects
  • The use of NFC tags for subsequent control of work progress
  • The use of LAM: accounting for extended objects
  • The use of FLEET: vehicle accounting

Data management of transactional objects on mobile devices

  • The use of NFC tags to monitor work progress
  • Creation/change of maintenance orders
  • Unblocking
  • Work confirmation
  • Control of data on measuring points/counters
  • Write-off of materials
  • Creation/ changes/closing of maintenance messages
  • Data entry by catalogs (departments, objects, defects, and activities)

By leveraging SAP mobile service scenarios, enterprises ensure asset safety with long-term maintenance. It is also possible to streamline operations and support services without equipment shutdowns. SAP mobile scenarios contribute to the simplification and facilitation of maintenance issues for technicians.

LeverX experts will transform your business and streamline processes with SAP Mobile Asset Management

Having expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management solutions, LeverX specialists not only ensure successful implementation but also help clients choose the most appropriate solution that will completely go in the line with their business needs.

When consulting companies on SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager, we take into account both the current state of their business and its future perspectives. In this way, we not only choose the optimal product but also help clients get a solution with custom functionality for solving specific business problems.

The implementation of SAP Work Manager and SAP Asset Manager allows our clients to:

  • Maintain a detailed record of equipment defects and failures
  • Minimize the possibility of equipment downtime
  • Plan maintenance schedules
  • Monitor the implementation of the assigned tasks and standards
  • Have constant access to all regulatory and technical documentation for equipment
  • Analyze equipment operation data for taking appropriate measures
  • Generate standard reports
  • Provide work safety for maintenance technicians, etc.


Our specialists will not only help you select, develop, and implement a solution for optimizing and automating maintenance and repair management processes but also integrate it with other systems used in your company.

Want to extend the life of your assets and improve the efficiency of your employees' work? Contact us to learn more about SAP Mobile Asset Management and get a ready-made solution adapted to your business needs!