Manage your entire business with SAP Cloud Platform applications

Connect everyone, on any device, through a single platform

A centralized environment for company applications, data, and services

The LeverX team is dedicated to building applications, based on the SAP Cloud Platform, that serve the needs of your customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. The platform is designed to suit your needs in terms of improving business processes, to boost employee productivity, and to constantly improve the level of customer service you offer.

In addition to bridging the gap in functionality between on-premise and cloud solutions, the SAP Cloud Platform introduces unique capabilities – support for mobile devices, IoT solutions, improved user experience based on the SAP Fiori interface, and easy scalability.

Get a complete overview of your company and its processes

Using the SAP Cloud Platform, we are equipped to create a large number of high-quality cloud application usable in any industry. The LeverX development team will guide the usage of the platform's capabilities to help your company do more:

  • Adopt a unified platform for building customer-facing applications that allow you to track employee performance, customer experience and IoT devices
  • Explore all the SAP Leonardo capabilities –  the SAP Cloud Platform is the basis for the entire range of innovative solutions helping businesses boost their digital transformation
  • Connect new solutions with a powerful cloud-based functionality to your existing on-premise SAP solutions
  • Deliver live data to your customers through mobile applications built with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
SAP Cloud Platform capabilities and services we work with:

Development Environments

We work with the Cloud Foundry and NEO environments that SAP Cloud Platform provides for a more flexible development process.


Applying the SAP Predictive service and the SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics service, we get real-time insight from huge volumes of raw data.

Machine Learning

Our team utilizes the advanced capabilities of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation to build intelligent enterprise applications.

Data & Storage

The SAP relational database management systems that we use during the development process help increase application performance.


Development and operations become easier thanks to analyzing application and web server logs, planning architecture, checking code quality, etc.

User Experience

LeverX ensures personalized user experience with Fiori/SAPUI5 applications on the SAP Cloud Platform.


We deliver native and hybrid applications using SAP Mobile Platform SDK, SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Fiori Client, etc.


Our team assists in integrating applications in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems via SAP HANA Cloud connector.

Internet of Things

We utilize the SAP Cloud Platform IoT service to create business applications in the Cloud and connect them with a vast network of remote devices.

Leverage SAP Cloud Platform capabilities by migrating your SAP system to the cloud

The LeverX team can be instrumental in migrating your on-premise SAP solution into the Cloud. It will allow you to achieve increased productivity, grow your business and improve the system’s availability to end-users.

Engage the versatile capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform to begin the digital transformation of your company and its processes:

  • Scalability and flexibility in the system is achieved with an option to add or remove resources and storage space
  • Maintenance cost is reduced by reducing expenditures for offsite servers
  • Easy data accessibility allows you to work with your data from anywhere
  • Data security and recovery options are easier to set up and control