Realize the Benefits of a New SAP Solution for Flexible Card Management

Drive cross-selling and grow your market share with the SAP Card Management application

Get a platform to create customer-oriented card products

Aiming to save their time while performing payments, customers particularly value fast and easy payment methods that could be applied anytime. As online payments are gathering pace, their security is demanded.

On the other side, card issuers realize that next-gen payment service is a must to remain competitive. They need to bring in more customers and constantly increase their customer base. This will positively affect their earnings.

LeverX suggests the solution that will definitely assist in grabbing more market share. The SAP Card Management application is designed to manage various kinds of cards, such as credit, debit, loyalty, and others. However, SAP Card Management’s functionality goes beyond controlling all issuing processes (card creation, authorization, clearing, trade execution, etc.). It is also focused on:

  • Creating a personalized customer experience;
  • Increasing card usage;
  • Supporting the integration of loyalty programs into the card solution;
  • Promoting innovations (wallets, tokenization, mobile payments, virtual cards, Visa Direct, and so on).

SAP Card Management is a sure way for card issuers to grow their business

Our team relies on SAP Card Management not only to ensure the seamless management of a full lifecycle of payment cards. It is a means of exploring customer behavior, accumulating useful insights, and building a winning go-to-market strategy. 

Here are the key product features and capabilities for achieving the highest level of customer service.

SAP Card Management gets the most out of:

Big Data

The application uses data to analyze customer behavior, create and provide personalized offers, reduce churn risks, and increase customer loyalty.

Cutting-edge tech

SAP Card Management doesn’t pass any advanced technology or service by. It can be connected directly to any scheme (Visa/MC/AMEX/local card provider).

Integration options

The application integrates with SAP and necessary third-party solutions to come with fraud detection, card embossing and indenting, and chip-and-PIN management.

LeverX will open you the door to flawless card management processes

If we bring together all the pros of the SAP Card Management solution, the list will impact both operational and strategic angles. Apart from taking core card management to a new level, it offers you a bunch of value-added services to enhance your business:

  • Speeding up your time to market;
  • Managing all card schemes using one solution;
  • Gaining relevant information for creating effective marketing campaigns and generating mutually beneficial offers;
  • Overall simplification of card processes;
  • Identifying and using the best cross-selling opportunities.

 As LeverX is involved in the implementation of SAP Card Management into the customers’ business processes, we are well aware of all the product’s strengths and willing to inform you about its benefits for your business.