Consider SAP C/4HANA Suite to earn an impeccable reputation

Build meaningful and long-lasting with clients using SAP Customer Experience products

Achieve maximum customer interaction efficiency across every channel

SAP Customer Experience is a multichannel e-commerce solution designed to assist B2B and B2C companies with search and merchandising, master data management, web content management, and order management.

Regardless of business area, SAP Customer Experience makes a positive contribution, specifically:

  • Banking and Finance gains an opportunity to convert data into customized products;
  • Media and Entertainment finds new ways to monetize content;
  • High-tech companies evolve their business models;
  • Healthcare achieves improved efficiency and markedly higher patient satisfaction from healthcare interactions, to name just a few.

Benefit from our team’s expertise and SAP Customer Experience products

SAP Customer Experience provides large businesses with a ready-made solution easily integrated with their already running SAP systems. Multiple modules provided out-of-the-box can be implemented on the fly — no complex code or tiresome integration is required.

Thanks to the rich plugin infrastructure and the modules' smooth integration with existing SAP systems, enterprises can quickly set up multifunctional online stores with a multitude of attractive options — such as loyalty points — for their customers. The companies' annual revenue increases every year after set-up, since their demanding consumers are more than satisfied with the new shopping experience.

The LeverX implementation team is skilled in customizing SAP Customer Experience according to each of our clients' needs, as dictated by their unique business. Among the most important implementation targets regularly assigned and successfully achieved by our team is customizing business processes that support buying and selling activities as efficiently as possible, to maximize profit for the company.

To get maximum benefit to our customers out of the SAP C/4HANA Suite, we created custom filters, improving on the ones available by default in the program; enhanced the standard ordering process to make it more intuitive for end-users; refined the SAP Customer Experience content management system, and fine-tuned UI widgets.

SAP Customer Experience products we work with

SAP Commerce Cloud

Helps companies increase their number of loyal customers thanks to providing them with more freedom while conducting purchase transactions, allowing easy accessibility to all channels, and delivering targeted content.

SAP Marketing Cloud

A booster of individualized marketing activities that center on the insights collected from behavioral, financial, and social characteristics of the target audience.

SAP Sales Cloud

These products let sales representatives devote more time to planning, generating creative ways of product promotion, and thinking over new sales approaches, by saving them a great deal of time on routine administrative tasks.

Make sure SAP Customer Experience fits your business aims

SAP Customer Experience contributes to long-term relationships with customers by applying:

  • Personalized experience. SAP Customer Experience allows you to get comprehensive customer data in real time to make relevant offers based on individual needs;
  • Technological innovations, i.e. data-driven tools capable of high-speed processing of vast amounts of information;
  • Flawless integration with SAP or third-party solutions, which favors focusing on innovations rather than on tech issues.
  • Modular architecture. Companies can implement any SAP Customer Experience component when needed and without affecting the other modules of the solution.

When we perform the SAP Customer Experience implementation:

To help us eliminate all business process inefficiencies, we carefully examine the business specifics of our clients in order to understand their development strategies, all their possible business challenges, their mission, and their vision.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is responsible for development, integration, upgrade, and support of the SAP Customer Experience solutions, and is fully ready to help our customers streamline their processes.

Our team is responsible for development, integration, upgrade, and support of the SAP Customer Experience solutions and ready to help customers streamline their processes.