LeverX Unlocks the Power of Your Data with SAP Analytics Solutions

Take a step towards the future of data analytics solutions with the LeverX team

LeverX Unlocks the Power of Your Data with SAP Analytics Solutions

Take a step towards the future of data analytics solutions with the LeverX team

Consolidate data and SAP analytics tools to drive business value

It is hard to underestimate the power of data nowadays — the information-driven strategy is a clue to sound business decisions that make your company prosper. On the other hand, raw data is not enough to surpass the other enterprises. The capabilities of analytics are regularly maximized, which uncovers real data value. Our team adheres to a strategic approach to analytics. 

Therefore, we scrupulously review our customers’ analytical capacities and define possible growth areas. Then LeverX demonstrates how to get the most out of the SAP Analytics solutions:

LeverX helps you embrace every single opportunity SAP Business Analytics provides

SAP Analytics Cloud will meet all your demands related to analytics. It is widely regarded as a next-generation cloud analytics solution fully equipped with BI, collaborative planning, machine learning, and predictive analytics capabilities. It allows you to:

  • Gain and share deeper insights thanks to augmented analytics and embedded tools for social collaboration;
  • Profit by enhanced user experience and intuitive design;
  • Come to the right decisions founded on accurate data analysis and forecasts.

Business Intelligence (BI) gives comprehensive answers to tricky business questions. Data visualization is beneficial for establishing profitable communication. BI solutions are available both in the cloud and on premise.

Forecasting and choosing right strategic vectors become far easier with the Predictive Analytics tools. Using Predictive Modeling, Model Management, or Predictive Data Management, you will be capable of foreseeing long-term results.

Collaborative Enterprise Planning coordinates financial, sales, HR, IT, and marketing plans across the entire enterprise. This provides a more global view of the planning ecosystem and makes a positive impact on the financial stability and decision-making. Faster goals achievement and performance optimization are the effects from using the SAP Collaborative Enterprise Planning solution.

SAP Cloud Analytics

Refer to LeverX's expertise while establishing a right analytics strategy with SAP Analytics

LeverX specialists support your needs and tailor SAP Analytics solutions to the business specifics. Contact our team and define which tools to use for the ensured prosperity in business. We provide whatever guidance is needed to help you with digital transformation. You can also make use of our SAP Analytics consulting services to have a deeper understanding of how SAP Analytics solutions function.

The list of LeverX analytics services consists of:

  • Analytics strategy determination
  • SAP Analytics Solutions implementation
  • Technical upgrades
  • Data migration
  • Maintenance/support