Migrate to Cloud Foundry to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Fewer restrictions, more flexibility. An open source platform as a service opens us new dimensions of app development and deployment

Migrate to Cloud Foundry to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Fewer restrictions, more flexibility. An open source platform as a service opens us new dimensions of app development and deployment

Meet an easy and convenient way to create, deploy, test, and scale apps in the cloud

Along with the steady positions of the Neo environment in SAP Cloud Platform, the world of open source solutions and their boundless opportunities is proving its worth in the market. SAP Cloud Platform offers Cloud Foundry as a cutting-edge tool to develop and deploy cloud applications.

The open source nature of Cloud Foundry unlocks the door to applying previously unavailable features. Cloud Foundry gives businesses a chance to capture the following benefits:

  • No more limitations in terms of a programming language or tech used
    The list isn’t reduced to Java, SAP HANA XS, HTML5, and SAPUI5 applications — Cloud Foundry allows choosing Node.js, Ruby, Python, etc. for developing a product.
  • Bunch of new services to choose and utilize in the app
    Now we can connect third-party databases, including PostgreSQL, Amazon Object Storage, and more. Integration capabilities are much broader as well.
  • Running multiple instances of one application
    This feature is provided in order to eliminate the risks of applications being unavailable.
  • Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and other SAP services enrich your solutions with digital powers
    Cloud Foundry enables smooth implementation of breakthrough SAP solutions (ML, IoT, Blockchain, etc.).
  • Cloud infrastructure provider: freedom of choice
    SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry have made it possible for enterprises to select from Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or others.


Cloud Foundry migration progress

Cloud Foundry: Key Benefits

Using Cloud Foundry for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications, businesses can be certain that they gain utmost flexibility (more opportunities of app customization, unlimited storage space, etc.), agility, which is a key to improved customer service, significant cost savings, and a high level of security.

Cloud Foundry

LeverX thoroughly performs each step of the migration process

Our team has a good knowledge of SAP Cloud Platform, its capabilities, supported runtimes, and development environments. After examining a specific use case and business needs, LeverX specialists suggest the most suitable environment to meet customer’s requirements.

Both Neo and Cloud Foundry are familiar to the LeverX team, as we have considerable experience in prototyping, full cycle development, and delivery in two of these environments.
If the migration to Cloud Foundry is demanded, we follow a set of actions to provide a stable migration process.

Here is a scenario to migrate to Cloud Foundry


Migrating database artifacts of the SAP HANA repository

Calculation views or procedures should be transported to Cloud Foundry.


Migrating to multitenancy

We can share one SAP HANA database between customers thus optimizing costs and memory consumption.


Setting up the application router and Fiori Launchpad

This step is needed to make front-end and back-end microservices communicate.


Migrating Java and HTML5 applications

There could be either minimal adjustments or significant code changes required.


Configuring and migrating SAML authentication and authorization

Our team connects the process of verifying users’ identities and credentials to microservices.


Setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery processes

LeverX CI/CD experts take care of automated builds and testing of the app.

Our expertise in migrating enterprise apps to the cloud lets us deal with the most challenging projects

It doesn’t matter whether you need migration from Neo to Cloud Foundry or intend to turn your on-premise solution into cloud. Our project background covers various cases/scopes and facilitates the secure transfer of sensitive user data, ensuring data accuracy.

In terms of working with the Neo environment, our team has deployed the UI, configured destinations for backend, defined roles, and provided segregation of duties.

While delivering Cloud Foundry migration projects, we follow the processes mentioned above. This gives our customers plenty of service options to choose from.

Besides, the Cloud Foundry environment supports the development of custom services — our team will create and implement all the desired extensions.

If you want to learn more about Cloud Foundry, LeverX is glad to consult you and show how the environment could be used to improve applications or develop them from scratch.