Intelligent Technologies

Complex integration of innovations into any line of your business

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We combine the latest SAP technologies and services to deliver a wide range of tools that effectively solve business problems. With the implementation of intelligent technologies, your business gets the opportunity to get to a new high-tech level.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML allow businesses to adapt to the changing environment and brightly complete complex tasks while optimizing approaches and processes. By combining human experience and computer analytics, intellectual technologies allow creating a smart enterprise of the future.

AI has already proven to be beneficial to such lines of business as Finance, Healthcare, and Banking. Today, AI is used in nearly every industry and allows businesses to get a competitive edge on the market.

AI opens up space for:

  • Development and management of smart chatbots
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Data collection with its further analysis
  • Analysis of text with NLP algorithms, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Embracing a variety of technologies that have great business potential, the Internet of Things has become an integral part of any digital strategy. IoT allows replacing traditional business models with modern services based on sensor data and real-time information gathering and analytics.

LeverX specialists will carefully analyze your needs and expectations to offer your business an IoT solution that will completely go in the line with the stated requirements. We cover:

  • Cloud integration
  • Project prototyping
  • Choosing the right microcontroller for your IoT project


Blockchain technologies help in simplifying complex multi-component business processes and establishing trusting relations between participants.

Blockchain and distributed ledger applications offered by SAP allow:

  • Reducing the number of intermediaries
  • Achieving data security and transparency
  • Reducing the cost and simplifying processes
  • Increasing the overall efficiency

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual and augmented reality technologies open up new opportunities for various lines of business, including architecture, medical diagnostics, education, etc. Today, the implementation of AR technologies is considered to be a crucial step in the digital transformation of the company.

AR opens up space for:

  • Visibility and involvement
  • The effect of presence
  • Better assimilation
  • Gamification
  • Cost savings


If you want to implement intelligent technologies into your business to simplify and automate processes, LeverX experts are here to help you with that.