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SAP-fueled business solutions with a reliable integrator

SAP ERP is a great tool to secure process transparency, cut costs, and increase company revenue. It has dozens of interconnected modules working in concert with one another. LeverX configures these modules into a cohesive system delivering a unified, comprehensive solution that can be deployed throughout all your locations.

In-depth expertise to help you succeed

  • Dedicated project manager for each implementation
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Comprehensive testing and user training
  • Transparent and flexible pricing
  • Best practices in SAP development and integration

SAP ERP implementation is a global project that should involve numerous key employees in the company. We work directly with stakeholders and company decision makers to capture the vision, main business requirements, and feedback of these key users. The aim is to improve and optimize the business performance of the organization:

  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Controlling

Successful ERP implementation based on best practices

We work hard to deliver a solid SAP ERP solution. LeverX experts know what the common failure points are and how to eliminate them. During the project, our SAP architects, consultants, and business analysts work on:

  • Communication and engagement with key company experts and stakeholders
  • Redesign of company business processes
  • Adoption of industry best practices during system design and implementation
  • System configuration and development enhancements
  • Smooth integration with non-SAP (third-party) systems
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Extensive end user training and support

A bug-free experience

Our customer enhancements are developed with minimum or no bugs and we put a lot of effort into ironing out any issues or inconsistencies that may lead to user errors. LeverX also offers a sufficient warranty period to monitor system performance and deliver warranty-covered development adjustments as needed.

Employee training is a key during ERP implementation

SAP ERP implementation is a massive change for the organization. Extensive employee training is essential to reap all the business benefits from the implementation and ensure the new work instructions in the system are quickly picked up by the users. We spend sufficient time on training to teach all company personnel how to operate all the programs relevant to their work and increase their level of comfort with the new system.

The training process is centered on increasing acceptance rates and making sure new business procedures are followed everywhere. We don’t only train company employees, but we also help them understand the benefits of the new system and how it can help them become more productive.

An experienced SAP ERP integrator

Discover all the great benefits to your business after our ERP implementation:

  • Fully integrated system landscape with efficient business processes
  • Good system scalability designed for easy rollouts
  • Improved user experience
  • Better productivity and revenue
  • Easy accessibility of crucial data from any point in the now-integrated system
  • Robust reporting capabilities

LeverX is fully prepared to help your business implement SAP ERP in the most efficient way. We make sure to use industry best practices every step of the way for the implementation, development, and support of the SAP system.