Uncover the Practical Value of Data Science

Use data science as a key to customer satisfaction

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LeverX knows how to turn raw data into important insights

The impact of data on business is growing at a steady pace. Business intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning methods converge towards data science to help businesses boom. The proper data usage affects the revenue, enables better targeting, and increases customer loyalty.

The LeverX data science team builds product recommendation engines, image recognition applications, and predictive maintenance solutions covering all product development stages. Our specialists are also experienced in working with text analytics, applying behavioral segmentation methods, and creating trhe Internet of Things-based solutions.

On top of that, our data science consultants will throw the light on how to benefit from data in your business area.

For the healthcare industry, data science methods provide highly accurate anomaly detection. Sales shouldn’t ignore data science techniques in case their representatives intend to please customers with personalized offers and anticipate their demands.

To prevent customer churn and analyze customer insights for audience segmentation, retail needs to deal with the data and involve data science methodologies. Besides, the lifetime value calculation is vital for measuring net income.

Data science technologies for the successful project delivery

Working on data-driven solutions that promote market leadership, LeverX selects the tools able to address all customer expectations.

Look at the range of accompanying tools we use, while implementing the projects for our clients:


Python, MATLAB, R Programming, and Swift



MySQL, MongoDB, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Statsmodels, Prophet, Tensorflow, Keras, NumPy, SciPy, XgBoost, LightGbm, NLTK, Skype chatbot framework, OpenCV, BigARTM, Core ML, and Apple Accelerate framework

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

CNN (SSD, YOLO, and ResNet) and RNN

Tell LeverX more about your business strategy and goals, and we will find the right data science solution

If you wonder how to make your existing data the means of business transformation, engage our team in this process. LeverX is glad to fully utilize the power of data science.

There are two rules we never omit:

  • While creating the solution, we bear in mind that it should be effortlessly integrated with your current systems. Our custom-made development goes hand in hand with the deployment, maintenance, and support of the product.
  • Practical value first. The main goal of our software products and services is to streamline the revenue growth and strengthen the efficiency of operations.
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