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Increase productivity within your organization with SAP Enterprise Asset Management

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Automate business processes related to asset management

Preventive and emergency repairs, preparation of equipment technology roadmaps, creation of documents with required technical operations for specific equipment —  all these tasks are covered by SAP EAM that speeds up and facilitates enterprise asset management processes.

What other MRO processes are covered by SAP EAM?

  • Order management/maintenance message management — registration of defects, stops; maintaining a catalog of faults, causes of defects; registration of tasks, performance of work, control of performance, and control of the cost formation for repair objects
  • Maintenance implementation — confirmation and control of maintenance activities
  • Maintenance of technology roadmaps — preparation and filling of technology roadmaps for performing maintenance activities
  • Maintenance strategy management —  planning based on time, conditions, or equipment operating time
  • Maintenance planning — formation/forecasting of reviews for a selected time. In case of using operating time counters — for a selected operating time
  • Outage management — ensuring safe working conditions: shutting down a repair facility, printing labels, and issuing work permits


Speed up your digital business transformation with SAP EAM and its asset management capabilities!

SAP EAM for business process management will enhance equipment maintenance in your company

With SAP Enterprise Asset Management, you will:

  • Reduce equipment downtime and improve fault tolerance thanks to the timely repairs
  • Reduce costs on inventory, downtimes, and materials
  • Track maintenance progress using both an SAP local client and mobile devices
  • Speed ​​up repair processes
  • Improve budgeting through accurate planning
  • Optimize enterprise costs

Take advantage of SAP EAM and LeverX’s expertise for a successful business transformation

Inventory management, supplier relationship management, financial management related to equipment maintenance and repairs, and repair supply management — SAP EAM simplifies and streamlines all of these processes.

By implementing the SAP EAM solution into your business processes, LeverX experts will help you achieve intelligent asset management in the shortest time possible. When working on SAP Enterprise Asset Management projects, our experts:

  • Analyze business processes within your company
  • Advise on the creation of a competent IT strategy
  • Take responsibility for the full-cycle development and implementation of the SAP EAM solution
  • Adapt the implemented solution to the specific business processes and industry requirements (develop additional tools, custom report templates, etc.)
  • Integrate SAP EAM with other SAP solutions

LeverX’s experience with SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation ERP system, allows us to use both an ERP solution and S/4HANA (cloud or on-premise) when implementing SAP EAM.


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