Budgeting and Treasury

SAP Funds Management and SAP Treasury Management for effective budget and treasury control

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Automate budget and treasury management with SAP FI-FM and SAP TR

SAP FI-FM (Funds Management) is a part of the SAP FI (Financial Accounting) module that allows you to plan a budget on all revenues and costs, monitor the organization's cash flows, and avoid overspending the planned budget.

With FI-FM functions and integration with the SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) module, organizations:

  • actively control their budgets
  • plan budgets for the required period (month, quarter, and year)
  • keep track of receipts/expenditures of budgetary funds
  • evaluate the efficiency of budget spendings
  • prepare reports on the execution of budgets

SAP TR (Treasury Management) is a module that helps organizations manage and account for operations on different financial tools, including loans, deposits, shares, securities, letters of credit, derivatives, and acquiring.

SAP TR simplifies and improves all processes related to the interaction with banks, integrations with banking systems, and financial transaction processing. That helps to manage the company's liquidity.

Allocate company resources smartly and achieve the planned financial indicators

SAP FI-FM and SAP TR facilitate the smart organization of budgeting and treasury processes.

SAP FI-FM offers:

  • Elimination of unplanned operations
  • Accurate analysis of the company's budget execution
  • Smart use of budget funds


Automation of treasury processes with the SAP TR module implies:


Minimization of credit and financial risks

Minimization of credit and financial risks


Reduced time spent on treasury issues

Reduced time spent on treasury issues


Transparency of treasury operations (status of loan payments, details on purchase/sale, and other transactions)

Transparency of treasury operations (status of loan payments, details on purchase/sale, and other transactions)



Define the landscape to implement the module

SAP S/4HANA Implementation

  • New generation ERP system that enables digital transformation
  • It will replace the traditional SAP ECC after 2027
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Improved performance and faster processing of large data volumes

SAP ECC Implementation

  • SAP ECC and modules will no longer be supported after 2027
  • Limited functionality, which is a barrier to digital transformation
  • Lack of in-built intelligent technologies
  • Outdated SAP ECC features
  • Only on-premise deployment (database with disk drives)

Increase budgeting and treasury efficiency with SAP solutions implemented by the LeverX team of experts

The faster your business reacts to the constantly changing conditions, the more efficient it will be. SAP Treasury and Funds Management are considered as flexible and reliable assistants for achieving the desired financial indicators.

The LeverX team implements SAP FI-FM and SAP TR modules into your business processes and customize solutions, taking into account all the specifics of your business. We also provide support services to the financial SAP solutions that have already been implemented in the company.

Whether you want us to answer your questions about SAP modules, implement a solution in your enterprise, or ensure the smooth operation of the existing solution, the LeverX experts will be happy to help you.


Smartly manage the organization's budget and increase the efficiency of your business with SAP solutions and LeverX’s expertise in their implementation, customization, and support!