Facilitate Your Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Choose the AI-related tech right to meet the growing demands of your industry

Facilitate Your Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Choose the AI-related tech right to meet the growing demands of your industry

Artificial intelligence for business — LeverX will point out how to use AI in your company

Artificial intelligence has already shifted from a “trend” to “business necessity” and established itself as an area focused on boosting and improving a human decision-making process. The power of machines working and reacting like human beings appeals to the enterprises.

LeverX knows how to get a real business value from AI, which is no longer a mere buzzword. We will clearly demonstrate which artificial intelligence-based solutions would work best for your business and how to implement AI in your organization. You are welcome to contact us for a consultation on whether artificial intelligence will have a radical impact on your company.


AI and a variety of industries: how to unite them properly?

It is hard to find an industry that can’t make use of AI. Our mission is to find out how to apply proper AI tools and practices to your business strategy. Let’s discover the ways to renew current processes capturing the full benefits of artificial intelligence.

As for the rewards from AI for a number of areas, banking and finance strengthen their existing fraud detection and improve customer support system.

Innovative devices for healthcare are no longer pipe dreams. AI-powered tools provide timely disease identification and thorough diagnostics at an early stage.

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Transportation processes develop apace — intelligent and automated warehousing, improved supply chain reliability, and streamlined delivery and inventory are among positive transformations driven by AI.

Targeted customer recommendations, digital catalogs for a careful choice of products, and advanced analytics to anticipate customer demands, thus driving sales, are the things AI brings to retail.

AI will go on entering various spheres and becoming a key to gaining a competitive edge in the market.

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Check out our AI stack and the approach to working with the AI solutions

While implementing any AI-based solution, our team takes care to ensure it is committed to the following principles:

Security. There will be no need to worry about safety matters. Right ML tools and voice/face recognition devices will prevent any security issues.  

Productivity. Does the AI solution increase the overall performance? We strive to give a positive answer and create a product that accelerates working processes as much as possible. Text-to-Speech and voice processing are incorporated into the daily workflow.

Automation. One of our objectives is to promote rapid business changes through the automation of sales, marketing, financial, HR, manufacturing, design, and other processes. AI products are good enough to reach this goal.

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LeverX never forgets to track the newest AI-based tech and examine all updates to see whether they could make a perfect solution. 

Our core stack consists of:




Scikit-learn, Statsmodels, XGBoost

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Word2vec, GloVe, NLTK

Bot platforms

Telegram, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messages

AI business solutions