VeloX Software Suite

Data Integration and Migration Simple

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Move and transform data smarter, faster and easier

Velox Software Suite enables Data Migration and System Integration throughout the entire organization. The suite consist of two applications: Migration Studio (VXm) - for user-controlled data migrations; Integration Server (VXi) - for automated data processing and integration.

Extract Data

Transform & Map

Run Manually

Run as Service

How VeloX Simplifies Data Management

Here is how VeloX Suite helps to manage data

Improves decision making

Streamlines operations

Increases productivity

Brings data integrity and data quality

Use Cases

Here are some examples of using VeloX

Data Migration

  • Application migration
  • Database Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Storage Migration

Data Propagation

  • Extract from multiple source and propagate to multiple destinations
  • Event and rules driven
  • Synchronous and asynchronous exchange
  • EAI and EDR technologies

Data Virtualization

  • Near real-time unified view of data without moving between sources
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Various abstraction and transformation techniques
  • EII technologies

Data Consolidation

  • Physically bring data together from a multitude of sources
  • Reduce number of data storage locations
  • Transform based on business rules
  • ETL technologies

Key Features and Capabilities

VeloX offers the following key features and capabilities


Latest technologies




  • Zero-Coding approach
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Responsive UI
  • Guided Configuration

Latest technologies

  • S/4HANA compatible
  • Cloud Support
  • Any SAP and non-SAP databases
  • Latest security standards


  • Superfast data load with smart multithreading and balancing
  • Low CPU and RAM utilization


  • Embedded Python programming language for advanced users
  • Plugins based framework
  • Highly Scalable

Setup Demonstration

Contact us to set up an initial discussion and demonstration.

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