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LeverX helps underground technology and utility construction equipment company to streamline their end to end processes

Manufacturer of underground technology and utility construction equipment in the United States. The company offers horizontal directional drills, earth boring machines, mud pump and cleaning systems, oil and gas drill rigs, and various product tooling or accessory items. This company builds the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry and a full range of auger boring machines. Developed and hand-crafted in the U.S.A., with the rugged user in mind, rigs are built to last and backed with 24-hour worldwide support. Since 1945, this company has had large-scale trenchers that have revolutionized the pipeline industry. Their rock-solid structure makes them the longest lasting underground equipment line in the world. Many active machines in the field today have logged more than 40,000 hours.


This company was acquired by a larger equipment manufacturer and they inherited two different manufacturing operation processes. Neither organization’s engineering CAD data was accessible across the new enterprise (and vice-versa).  They needed help to locate, organize, and securely share all the engineering CAD data that was stranded in silos. They needed to create an integrated foundation where everyone could access the engineering CAD data to improve their manufacturing operations efficiency.

Business Problem:

The business problem for this underground construction equipment manufacturing company was organizing and sharing engineering CAD data that was stored in a non-SAP PLM system. The company’s CAD product data was effectively trapped in silos based on geographic location. They were unable to view or share 3D product data between their newly combined acquisitions, which made it difficult to effectively manufacture their products. They wanted lightweight digital twins of all of their CAD engineering data in SAP so that they could be leveraged downstream throughout their enterprise and digital supply chain.  They needed help to integrate their non-SAP PLM system containing all of their 3D product CAD data into SAP to manage their product data more efficiently in order to create 3D visual work instructions for the manufacturing shop floor.

 Business Solution:

The LeverX solution for their business challenge was to integrate SAP Visual Enterprise into their existing environment, which acted as the bridge between their non-SAP PLM system and their SAP engineering and manufacturing environments. This introduced Visual Asset Management, Visual Plant Maintenance and Service, Virtual Design Simulation and Construction, Visual Manufacturing Planning, and Visual Sales and Marketing. We also implemented SAP Engineering Control Center, which acts as a web portal to display and securely share their new lightweight digital twin data and 3D visual assembly instructions for use on the manufacturing shop floor.


Now the company is more efficient because they can now expose 3D product data for their extended enterprise and extended supply chain. The two merged companies currently have one single source of truth and everything is aligned between the two companies. They also have lightweight 3D digital twin visualization 3D files (which are similar to PDF files) that they can share securely throughout the enterprise. The important caveat of the project was getting the 3D visual work instructions to the manufacturing shop floor.

This interactive 3D video shows step-by-step how to build the product and tools required, which helps employees to build the product with ease. This company is now more efficient because everyone in their enterprise and supply chain is leveraging these digital twins, lightweight 3D files to help people build their products much faster.