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Using SAP DMS? You Need LeverX IQ DMS

Author: Eric Stajda

I may be a bit biased, as I have written a book for SAP Press on SAP DMS, but I believe SAP DMS is a tool that every company that has SAP should be utilizing. In short, SAP DMS provides you with enterprise document management capabilities directly inside SAP – secure, robust, stable, and capable of managing millions of documents across the enterprise. At LeverX, we have helped countless clients implement SAP DMS. It is what we consider a bread and butter service of ours. We know everything the standard solution has to offer and can also extend it based on business requirements.

LeverX IQ DMS was born in our Detroit office (Key Developers: Zach Dunham, Antonino Cannatella, Dmitry Seliazniou) and based on the years of experience working with clients. We developed the solution with two goals in mind. One, simplify user interaction. Two, enhance the capabilities of the overall SAP DMS solution. Combined together, these two goals support better utilization and higher acceptance of SAP DMS.

With all of the above said, let’s get down to the specifics. What did we do? And what are the enhanced features of IQ DMS?

1. Modernize the UI

We wrapped everything in a Fiori based UI to modernize the overall feel of SAP DMS. Moving to a Fiori based UI opened up the possibility of accessing documents on any platform, including mobile (Android/IOS) and any operating system, including macOS, Linux, etc. The modern UI elements allowed us to simplify actions, creating a self-explanatory UI, which allows the user to get up to speed very quickly, reducing your training requirements.

Extra Bonus: If you are using SAP PLM 7 for accessing documents, IQ DMS eliminates the requirement for Java.

2. More Navigation Options

The left-hand navigation panel supports multiple methods for getting to documents, including:

Subscriptions – Document that you have subscribed to.
Attribute Navigation – Navigate to a specific document via its classification attributes.
Bookmarks – Documents that you have bookmarked.
Home Folder – If you are using SAP Easy DMS or SAP ECTR, you can directly access these folders created in these environments.
Recently Accessed – List of the documents that you have recently accessed.
Recently Created – List of the documents that you have recently created.


Available navigation options:

Below is an example of how folders are displayed in IQ DMS. Folders from SAP Easy DMS and SAP ECTR are accessible here, including CAD structures. Each user has the option to set their “Home Folder” or starting point from which they would like to navigate.

3. Simplified Search Screen

We wanted to simplify the screen in three ways.

  1. When you access the document types drop down, you will see only the document types that are relevant to your business. This help cuts down on the confusion of which document types are relevant. This drop down list is configurable.
  2. When you select the document type, the classification attributes are displayed for the selected document type. The user does not have to figure out which class goes with which document type.
  3. You decide whether you wish to see all versions, current version, or the latest version of the document in the search results. This helps to ensure users are getting to the right information.
  4. Directly Access Files and Details From Search Results. Users can open files related to the document information record directly from search results. This reduces the total number of clicks and overall time spent searching for data. The key information about the document information record is available by clicking on the line in the search results. The lower information panel will slide open, which displays key information such as lab office, change number, and valid from date.
  5. Detail Display of Document Information Record. The detailed display of the document information record includes key information, including document description, status, responsible users or owner, and change number. Additionally, you can directly access original files, classification attributes, object links, and the status log.
  6. Additional Actions. When displaying the document information record, the users carry out the following additional actions.

Bookmark – User can bookmark a document. Once bookmarked, it will show up in their bookmarks list in the left hand navigation panel. Click on the Bookmark button will add it your list. Clicking on a second time will remove your list.

Subscribe – User can subscribe to a specific document and receive email notification when that document changes. When subscribing to a document, there are three options, including All Changes, Status Changes, and Version Changes.

  • All Changes will send an email notification whenever any data related to the document information record is changed.
  • Status Changes will send an email notification when the document information record transitions from one status to another.
  • Version Changes will send an email notification whenever the version of the document information record changes.

Actions – The Actions drop down provides the user with the following options:

  • Show All Versions of the selected document in the search results are.
  • Get a URL link to the specified document information record.
  • Display the document information record in the classic SAP PLM 7 view.
  • Display the document information record in the SAP Object Navigator.
  • Collaborate or create threaded discussion related to the document via IQ Discussion.

The actions list can be expanded based on client needs. This includes adding in standard or customer transactions to the list.

Key Benefits

Below are key benefits which can be realized when utilizing IQ DMS in conjunction with SAP DMS:

  • Simplify access to documents for users.
  • No SAP knowledge required.
  • Zero footprint, no java applets, whitelist, etc. required.
  • Works across a wide variety of operating system and is mobile enabled.
  • Support higher user acceptance for SAP DMS.
  • Access to document from anywhere.
  • Advanced features, like subscriptions, bookmarks, and attribute navigation.

Installing and Configuring IQ DMS

The big question - What do I need to do to get IQ DMS up and running? And how long will it take me? IQ DMS requires two transports to install, one configuration and one workbench. The solution can be installed ECC or S/4HANA. Total setup time and configuration is approximately 6-8 hours. Most customers will spend about a week testing in the development environment and then proceed up to their quality and finally to production based on project goals and resource availability.

Conclusion – Contact Us to Setup Demonstration

I am a true believer that every company utilizing SAP DMS can benefit from IQ DMS. It is a simple and straight forward tool that provides capabilities that go beyond what if offered in standard and supports higher levels of acceptance of SAP DMS across the organization. In simple, it helps create happy users.

Are you ready to get started? Please contact us to setup a demonstration.