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LeverX and Siemens Teamcenter Break Down Global Data Silos For Heavy Equipment Manufacturer


The company is one of the largest excavator manufacturers in the Americas. The company’s products include compact excavators, rigid frame trucks, mining excavators and shovels, and forestry excavators. This company supports the construction and forestry industries. 


Industrial products, machinery, construction machinery manufacturing, Bituminous, cement, and concrete-related products and equipment

Annual Revenue: 

$228 million 


A very large corporation in Japan and a very large corporation in America joined forces to build heavy-duty construction equipment that they sell and build around the world. 

Business Problem:

The major business problem for this construction equipment company was organizing data of all their products by different vendors. This company started by using Siemens Teamcenter for their computer-aided design system, but they were unable to accomplish their goals with just Siemens products. The data for how they build these products around the world were stranded in silos based on geographical locations. This made it impossible for any other location to view anyone else’s data. They turned to LeverX to help figure out how to manage their data properly in an SAP environment, which was their biggest pain point.

Business Solution:

LeverX team helped this company by using product lifecycle management which meets their need for document management and product lifecycle management. We also added computer-aided design integration and engineering control center on top of the product lifecycle management. Currently, we are in the process of adding Visual Enterprise Generator and Integrated Process Solution, which will help them to share their data securely. Visual Enterprise Generator makes computer-aided design data easy for them to share anywhere and with anyone securely. IPS ensures that everyone in the business process gets all the data at the right time in their business process. It guides everything from the start of creating a brand new component all the way through to being installed on the product on the line. 

Business Results:

LeverX helped improve this company’s efficiency by 25-35%. We also helped them to create a single source of truth which makes it easier to collaborate with other facilities.