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Strategic PLM Plan

Sometimes, the challenges to focus on and how to create benefit from SAP PLM are not clear.   Where do we start?   Where can we gain the greatest opportunity to grow and increase company profitability?  How do we streamline our product development processes to better serve and generate value for our customers?   LeverX can help.

Uniquely, we begin by clarifying your company’s strategy in terms of Product Leadership, Cost Leadership, or Customer Intimacy. Understanding which strategy best supports your business model and market positioning will focus us on the desired outcome. For example, companies with a primary focus on product leadership, typically should focus their efforts on product innovation, time to market and incorporation of new technology rather than optimizing costs.

We assess your Product Lifecycle processes against your company’s defined business goals and objectives to identify gaps, non-value activities and product data challenges. Our cross functional assessment includes subject matter experts from your Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Service and Finance teams. This allows us to uncover process and data challenges throughout the complete product lifecycle. We can then jointly drive to a rapid consensus on meaningful and impactful strategies to support your business goals and increased value for your customers.

Holistic Scope of Review

Completed in as little as 3-4 weeks

  • New Product Introduction Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Partner/Supplier Collaboration
  • Engineering Change Management
  • CAD and Document Management Integration
  • Project Management Methods & Processes

Complete Planning Deliverables

  • Product Life Cycle Business Objectives
  • PLM Process and Performance Gap Identification
  • Agile Roadmap to Achieve Targeted Outcomes
  • Suggested Management Process Enhancements
  • Business Benefits and Justification
  • Suggested Change Management Program
  • Customized Executive Presentation

Want to learn more? Contact us and we’ll be quick to respond to your questions. We also have a recent webinar available that discusses the value proposition of PLM in client business terms.