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Simplify SAP Workflow Management

When it comes to automating processes within the SAP ERP solution, SAP Workflows are the built-in tool of choice.  The challenge?  SAP Workflow Management tends to be complex and challenging requiring heavy IT oversight for implementing designs and making minor tweaks to workflow processes. It can be difficult to get good response times from the IT organization to make simple changes to these workflow designs. In turn,  this can cause confidence loss with your functional teams, who can develop a tendency to not trust or believe in your business processes. Rapidly changing business environments require a more agile approach to help simplify SAP workflow management.

LeverX has developed a solution that centers on business process management within SAP.  We have a lot of information available on our solution page, but in this article, we'd like to further explore the relationship between IPS and SAP Workflow.

About SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow is a tool that is available across the SAP platform in a variety of modules and work areas. Customers can use SAP Workflows in any SAP Business Process. It has existed since early releases of SAP, and is a very mature platform.  Workflow enables getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and helps eliminate manual legacy processes that include paper email and excel spreadsheets. Workflow provides traceability, monitoring across your selected business processes, and supports modern requirements like digital signatures for key sign-off points. Intelligent reporting gives a great view of any process bottlenecks and deadline handling helps ensure users perform required tasks when assigned.

Challenges with standard SAP Workflow

While SAP Workflow is a mature component of the SAP platform, there are some drawbacks.  First and foremost, it requires a high degree of IT expertise to develop and manage the workflows. The IT resource needs to work closely with functional resources to both design and manage the workflows within the system so they remain effective over time. Simply put, few organizations have IT resources with enough time available to give this the level of attention that business users need for their processes to be effective.  While SAP Workflow comes with many out of the box capabilities, it typically requires some level of coding to ensure your process will fit properly in the solution.

IPS will simplify SAP Workflow

LeverX has undertaken a number of steps within this Integrated Process Solution (IPS) to help bring better efficiency and value to process management. From the ground up, this solution was designed for Business Users to create and modify workflow templates with simple tools. IT can still be involved in business process design, but are freed from the burden of having to be available for minor process changes and updates. IPS was designed using standard SAP technology without custom code, ensuring that the solution will stay in sync with the SAP product development roadmap. This solution supports almost any SAP Object which can be leveraged across your entire enterprise in any SAP User Interface.  By enabling agile development of business process workflow templates, we ensure your team can quickly deploy and launch processes in real time sprints.

For more information

If you'd like to learn more, please see our SAP Business Process Automation Overview. You can always email us at or contact us at +1 866-562-1512 for more information. If there is a strong fit, we would be happy to arrange a custom demonstration of the IPS solution, tailored to fit your workflow needs.