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Seven Ways to Accelerate Your SAP ECC and S/4 Projects

Author: Peter Demtschenko

You are an SAP customer looking for solutions to improve your company.  Maybe it is to improve the quality and accuracy of your product data, reduce your product development cycles and cost, improve product quality and support or extend manufacturing capabilities or one of many other reasons.  You have finally decided to get serious about your product data. Next step is to show your stakeholders and the different organizations you made the right decision and nothing speaks better than success.

The first most important thing to do is show quick progress on your project.  You don’t need big hitters right away but small steady deliverables will go a long way to building credibility.  This can be done base using accelerator solutions that address issues and gaps and speed up your projects. Here are a few LeverX solutions that can help out right out of the box.                                     

1. Rapid deployment processes to shorten implementation times and the need to focus on key business processes that will offer the best opportunity for immediate return on your investment.

LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS) – A simple to install and configure workflow engine that is flexible and easy to use.  Business users can create and manage their own processes in real time without the need for typical lengthy IT support.  The use of templates and elements allows the business users to rapidly deploy processes to quickly create, test and refine processes in minutes.  Testing is simple and changes are even easier.  Workflows created in minutes not months.  Work Smarter Not Harder.

2. Once you have improved and implemented your new business processes and shown they are repeatable you will want to automate them.

This too can be addressed by LeverX IPS.  Using standard SAP classification data and user-defined rules IPS can allow the user, the system or an activity in SAP drive the automation of your business process.  Simplicity built on intelligent automation.

3. As you build your product data foundation using SAP PLM your users will want to quickly find, access, change, and add new data as products are introduced or modified. Data in the form of documents in any format can be stored in the SAP Document Management System (DMS) which is SAP’s Best Practice strategy for product data.

LeverX IQ DMS is the solution for this.  A simple to implement and use Fiori based User Interface (UI) to allow users to quickly find, access or add new documents to your SAP DMS system. IQ DMS eliminates the hassle of  PLM 7 Java and certificate requirements. A simple UI that can be used from any device to access your documents from PCs, tablets, or phones.

4. As you begin using SAP PLM or any PLM system sharing data within processes and discussing potential changes and possible decisions increases. The need to quickly and easily collaborate on your data with other users becomes very important.  Speed, accuracy, and history need to be tracked.

LeverX IQ Discussion is the solution for this.  A simple to implement and use Fiori based User Interface (UI) to allow users to quickly collaborate, add and track discussions on documents or other SAP objects that are managed within your business process.  Discussion history is always available so users can return to discussions that were the reason for decisions. Product Collaboration Made Easy.

5. Once your projects have started you will need a simple and easy to use a tool to provide your project managers and team leads a view as to how the project is progressing. A quick look at what is on the critical path, what current issues exist or potential issues you need to prepare for and what needs your immediate attention.  Nothing complicated but easy to use and understand. 

LeverX IQ Launch is the tool for this.  From a simple, configurable product where users can view and monitor the status of all the key elements of your project.  You define what is important and what needs to be tracked.  The Readiness Dashboard is a single view of the data, processes, and roles with access to real-time data.  Color coded for simple recognition. Prepare Don’t React.      

6. Now you are live. We all wish things were done right the first time or we had it all figured out at the first go but it never happens that way.  Changes are part of life but how we handle those changes makes the difference.  If you could gauge the impact of a proposed change before it is released to production you would be way ahead of the game. Smart companies want or have this capability.  You need it to.

LeverX Product Work Center (PWC) is the tool for this.  From a simple, configurable product cockpit where users can view and interact with all elements of your product data.  30+ transactions and you can add many more with simple navigation to data in real time.  Collaboration is simple with the capability to add real-time impact analysis making change impact studies a reality, not a dream.  Work Smarter Not Harder.

7. Now your company is starting to grow and you are adding plants and buying companies. You want to expand manufacturing to other locations both locally and globally.  You want to best leverage your product data and processes to expand your manufacturing capabilities.

LeverX BOM and Material Allocation Extension solution (BMAX) is the tool for this.  BMAX can intelligently create Materials and BOMs using a configurable rules engine that leverages existing SAP master data.  Create and extend Materials and BOMs to many plants in a single rules-based process. BMAX integrates with IPS to simplify the extension process to change weeks of effort into just minutes.  Work Smarter Not Harder.

All these solutions are part of the LeverX IQ Series Innovation Suite.  Tools that were created based on real customer needs.  Two transports and you can get started. Powerful, Flexible, Easy to User and affordable.  Tools that can accelerate profitability in both SAP ECC and S4 projects.  Why wait longer then you need too to realize a return on your investment. Get your projects off to a fast start and show returns early.  Become a hero with LeverX Accelerator products.