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SAP VC – Variant Configuration

LeverX has strong experience helping both process and discrete manufacturing customers with SAP’s Variant Configuration, or SAP VC for short. Variant Configuration is useful across a variety of manufacturing related industries and can be a compelling feature set for food and beverage manufacturers with varied product options. The need for covering a wide variety of configuration options within product offerings is the primary driver for utilizing the Variant Configuration module.

SAP VC is a key element of the SAP PLM backbone and integration strategy. LeverX is a leading SAP consulting firm, and we pride ourselves on bringing a strong disciplined approach to our consulting & implementation projects that helps ensure client benefit expectations are met and exceeded, while taking a proper, holistic approach to utilizing SAP functionality and feature sets.

What is SAP Variant Configuration?

Variant Configuration allows a company to build a SuperBOM model that can be leveraged across the product line and across the enterprise from engineering to front-end sales. Manufacturers can leverage the information, visuals and rules created in Engineering to assemble the product while sales can use the output to drive a visual sales configurator.

How does Variant Configuration Work and Integrate within SAP?

SAP Variant Configuration allows a user to create a SuperBOM (or 200% BOM) of all the options available from which an Manufacturing Engineer or sales person can select the needed options for assembly or sale. The selection process uses intelligence or what is called Object Dependencies based on rules that allow for the proper selection of related options. These rules are added to the SuperBOM as it is configured in SAP ECC.

With the addition of Visual Enterprise Generator (VEG) and Viewer (VEV) a SAP user can include light weight neutral visual files so during selection of the product for assembly or sale the user can visual see what is being created as they build the desired configured product.

Variant Configuration can also be integrated and used with SAP’s new Product Structure Management (PSM) solution which provides engineers a true top down design process where a simple PSM structure can be enhanced with existing BOMs and Document Structures integrating the CAD models, visuals, Materials, BOMs all under configuration control.

How can I get started with Variant Configuration in SAP?

Give us a call at 866-562-1512 or contact us to schedule a time to talk in more detail about your specific needs.  LeverX consultants are focused on bringing optimal business value to our engagements and work hard to ensure that performance expectations are met and exceeded through new project cycles. SAP VC is a part of the core SAP PLM platform, though certain functionality mentioned here does require that clients be at PLM 7 or greater.