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LeverX brings the movement of goods to perfection, while leveraging the powers of SAP TM and third-party solutions

With the aim to track all truck movements, reduce transportation costs, and boost the customer service element of business, the LeverX team integrated the customer’s SAP Transportation Management system with external geographical service providers and telematics solutiрons.

Project Goals

Out of the box, SAP TM, a solution designed to manage all transportation processes across the company, doesn’t provide telematics and geographical services. To replenish required business processes, a European logistics company turned to us for quite tricky three-way integration of the SAP TM system with third-party solutions.

SAP TM should be integrated with PTV, a geographical service provider, on the one side and with two telematics solutions, FleetBoard and Dynafleet, on the other.

In terms of business objectives, the required functionality is targeted at:

  • improving fleet safety;
  • reducing operating costs thanks to the effective fleet management;
  • boosting service excellence through precise vehicle tracking, providing exact arrival times, and organizing quick re-route in case of delays.

Project Scope


Here are the business requirements PTV and its integration with the customer’s SAP TM could cover:


It is a core of mapping and vehicle routing and optimization tasks. When the company enters addresses, geocoding allows converting them into longitude and latitude coordinates. Precise geographic locations on digital maps are essential data for SAP TM because it is a prerequisite for distance calculation.


This option provides precise route planning. Defining waypoints enables detailed route creation.

Calculating toll costs

It was one more business requirement. Thanks to the toll calculation, transportation costs could be reduced significantly.

Time and distance estimation

It helps to optimize routes for any fleet size.

Map layers

Besides a range of services, PTV offers visualizing geographic data on digital maps.

FleetBoard and Dynafleet

As for FleetBoard and Dynafleet, these telematics solutions deal with defining the truck’s current location (geographical coordinates), thus ensuring excellent truck navigation. Also, the integration with these services lets reading the records of tachograph, a device that counts the vehicle’s speed and distance and monitors the driver’s activity.

Development approach

In the course of integration processes, our team conducted the following development improvements:

Geo map component enhancements

As it is PTV, not SAP PM, that provides a map, we arranged for the objects to be displayed on the map correctly.

Transportation cockpit

It is a standard TM application for planning transportation. We have made refinements of this solution as well.

Results and Business Benefits

Thanks to third-party services integrated with the customer’s SAP TM and our assistance during the project, the logistics company now feels the full force of newly gained functionality:

  • geocoding
  • georouting
  • toll cost calculation
  • estimation of time and distance
  • map layers
  • tracking of actual location and drivers’ activities.

This guarantees truck route optimization, getting precise traffic and truck data, planning and executing safe journeys, and some more preconditions for significant cost savings.