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SAP Fiori Add-Ons

Harness the power of your SAP solutions with Fiori. Apps built with the Fiori interface reduce training costs and open up new avenues for mobile collaboration, faster approval and global collaboration, while giving executives faster, easier access to the information they need.

Fiori applications have helped people:

  • Increase employee engagement within applications to improve adoption and proper usage;
  • Lower training costs associated with new process; and
  • Increase employee flexibility and productivity via intuitive and consistent user experiences independent of device type (i.e., same experience on mobile, tablet, or desktop)

Imagine the power of your next global product launched enabled by Fiori… then imagine LeverX helping you get that project going in as little as 90 days.

Fiori can help:

  • Accelerate a critical new innovation to market
  • Streamline approvals across the product life cycle
  • Give engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management easier access to critical project and approval information
  • Collaborate more easily with new suppliers and contract manufacturers, through more intuitive interfaces.