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SAP AppHaus Network Takes Its Roots in CIS

A global SAP AppHaus Network is growing — in spring 2020, it will come to Minsk and be located in the LeverX office thus expanding its presence in the CIS region. 

Why is the opening of another SAP AppHaus worth mentioning as an important business milestone? What is the mission of SAP AppHauses and how is LeverX involved? The article will clear the things up.


What is SAP AppHaus?

It is a creative space designed to put customers, SAP representatives, and end users together to work on the solutions following the Design Thinking methodology and human-centered innovation approach.

These days traditional IT project management methodologies might fail to tackle topical business questions. 

It’s not enough to simply implement a product or service without focusing on a clear purpose behind the list of business requirements. If businesses strive to get valuable solutions, they should concentrate on people’s demands.

In the SAP AppHaus, specialists from different departments and with different backgrounds collaborate to create products or services focusing on solving real business issues and satisfying the needs of the end users.

How was the SAP AppHaus Network born?

With the aim to scale the concept across the globe, SAP involved like-minded partners in the process of expanding the SAP AppHaus presence. More and more creative spaces are opening to provide a chance for multidisciplinary teams to meet business challenges and show customers how the human-centered approach works in practice.

SAP AppHaus in CIS

What are the values that unite the members of the SAP AppHaus Network?

There are six core principles followed by the SAP AppHaus Network representatives:

DESIGN-DRIVEN is about interaction via prototyping and creativity in collaboration.

PEOPLE-CENTRIC means the emphasis on people’s expectations and objectives.

NETWORKED implies strengthening the community of creative spaces throughout the SAP ecosystem.

AUTHENTIC expects finding working solutions for real business issues.

VISIONARY provides new methods of collaboration with customers.

VALUE-GENERATING stands for establishing long-term business relationships and discovering new business opportunities

The Geography of the SAP AppHaus Network

It already covers four continents — SAP AppHaus locations are in Heidelberg, Palo Alto, Korea, Berlin, and New York. SAP partners run creative spaces in Madrid, Minneapolis, Melbourne, Vienna, Pune, Calgary, Copenhagen, Bangalore, Hamburg, and Aarhus. Which spot on the map will be the next one?

We have an answer — SAP AppHaus comes to Minsk. Any details?

LeverX is delighted to announce that the official opening of SAP AppHaus will take place in our new office, as we are the first SAP partners in the CIS region granted the great honor of becoming the member of the SAP AppHaus Network. We are looking forward to sharing the best SAP AppHaus practices and contributing to spreading its values globally.


More information about SAP AppHaus in Minsk is coming soon — stay tuned!