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By Beth Perry

Providing basic and advanced specification, recipe and label management, along with many built-in and configurable calculations, Recipe Development (RD) is the primary component of SAP’s PLM tool-set for the process industries. Designed for companies that formulate (food and beverage, chemical/paint, pharma, etc.), RD is elastic enough to work for global companies making numerous different product types as well as smaller regional enterprises producing single product lines.

Don’t let the SAP name scare you. If you’ve immediately flashed to an old, clunky interface that’s hard to use and requires memorizing hundreds, if not thousands, of codes, then your information is out of date.  With its web interface, extensive menu and button/icon features and easy maneuverability, RD functionality is easily accessible and usable. Does it take time to implement? Yes, but so does any software. Is it worth the investment? Again, absolutely yes!

Recipe Development allows for easy connectivity to other SAP components and modules. Take advantage of SAP’s powerful workflow engine and comprehensive Document Management System (DMS). Ready access to master data and the baked-in handover to manufacturing function extends scope.

So, what does RD actually do?

  • Define your own spec types and how they’re used and relate to each other.
  • Track product formula changes over time.
  • Work with multiple regulatory spaces and/or languages.
  • Generate ingredient statements and nutrition panels.
  • Record experiments and alternate paths explored.
  • Create reports for internal or external use.

RD is flexible and extensible. We’ll drill into more detail on specific features and functionality in future blog posts.

Plus, you don’t need to take your SAP Recipe Development journey alone. With LeverX as your partner, you’ll have both functional and technical expertise at your side. Additionally, LeverX products can accelerate and enhance core functionality. LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS) simplifies building and maintaining those SAP workflows. LeverX’s VeloX tool makes data migration and integration easy.  LeverX’s IQ suite supports document and project activities.

In this time of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, using SAP Recipe Development to manage your R&D pipeline and accelerate time to market can be a game changer. Contact LeverX to learn more today. 

Interested in learning more? Join us Thursday, June 25th for the LeverX IQ – RD Content for Food and Beverage Industries Webinar.