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The Best LeverX Product Solutions For 2021

Written By Peter Demtschenko, 

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021! 

Last year was certainly dynamic, challenging and nobody was fully prepared. Our daily lives changed, we shifted to a remote work schedule, and adapted while innovating for the future.

Heading into 2021, LeverX has been actively working on new innovation and technologies, focusing on Workflow, Process Automation, Supply Chain Optimization, Digital Transformation and Robotics. Our focus remains on SAP and non-SAP technologies, integrating applications and processes across the enterprise, while empowering the digital thread. We are ready to help your organization run smarter and more efficiently.  


LeverX has been the key partner for SAP in the PLM area for many years.  At the close of 2020 SAP asked LeverX to partner with Siemens to support their new partnership. If you have any questions or need support with Teamcenter and SAP Integration LeverX will be able to assist you starting in 2021.


LeverX offers several customer driven accelerator products to help your team better implement and use SAP. 

These include:

  1. BMAX BOM and Material Extension – A solution that quickly and intelligently automates the extension of SAP Materials and BOMs to many different plants at the same time using a rules engine.

  2. IQ DMS – A Fiori based UI solution that provides the capability to easily and securely collaborate and share SAP data with your external supply chain members.  This can be a replacement for current cFolders and EasyDMS users.

  3. IQ Product Workcenter – A Fiori based UI that can be configure to present all the needed information in one simple view.  No need to hunt thru all the SAP screens as IQ Workcenter will have all the info you define in one simple screen.

  4. IQ Launch - A Fiori based UI that can be configure to present all the important project information in one simple view.  Manage new product development and release from a simple UI that can be configured as needed and integrated with other key PMO applications.

  5. IQ Publisher – A Fiori based solution that can be configured to extract and publish a selected set of data automatically from your SAP system to either a IQ DMS or SAP cFolder. Automate the publication and sharing of data as needed. 

  6. IQ Content - The LeverX IQ RD for Food & Beverage Content Package, (IQ RD Content) is a project accelerator designed to streamline SAP Recipe Development implementation for Food & Beverage companies. Reduce the time and resources required for manual master data creation with just a couple of clicks to install Content Package: This reduces the effort from several weeks of data gathering and manual creation in the system to a  couple of hours to install the package.




  1. PLM LeverX can implement all SAP PLM solutions as needed.  I am sure you are well aware of this.  These include CAD Integrations, Document Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Standard and Advanced Variant Configuration, Supplier Collaboration, Recipe Development, Process Integration, etc.

  2. Visual Digital Transformation – Implementation of SAP’s Visual Enterprise solutions.  The VEV Viewer, VEG Generator, VEA Author and the VPM Manufacturing Planner.

  3. EAM – Focusing on the implementation and enhancements of SAP Enterprise Asset Management suite with respect to plant maintenance, work management and inventory management using mobile platforms.

  4. Manufacturing Integration – Focusing on the implementation and enhancement of Manufacturing Execution System.

  5. Supply Chain Logistics – Focusing on the implementation, migration and enhancements of the SAP Extended Warehouse Management system, Transportation Management and Yard Logistics areas.

  6. Robot Design & Development Services - LeverX designs custom robotic solutions for a variety of applications and industries.

  7. SAP Cloud Solutions AI, Big Data Analysis and reporting, Block Chain Solutions, Robotics, EPD, DMC, EAM, AIN, etc.

  8. Non SAP Solutions Applications and technologies outside SAP that are used within the enterprise.  Check into our Emerline offerings.

  9. SAP and non-SAP Development – LeverX develops many solutions and products for SAP AG as well as others in the non SAP space.

 Feel free to contact us directly or use our LeverX contact email if you have any questions.  More details in each area to follow.