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It’s Time to Forget About Any Payment Terms-Related Issues with a New LeverX Product

LeverX team is happy to announce the release of our product designed to simplify payment terms management.

What is the app about?

We have delivered a set of apps called Payment Terms Governance with the aim to give organizations an opportunity to maintain payment terms in a centralized way and easily monitor purchasing documents.

Payment Terms Governance provides establishing relevant payment terms for all purchasing documents created across any SAP system. The apps prevent uncoordinated and random purchase activities and intuitive payment terms selection. With the help of Payment Terms Governance, its users can set up payment terms correctly and monitor purchase documents accuracy.


In the process of creating the apps, our team pursued two business objectives:

Build a user-friendly centralized payment terms management system

No more guesses on which payment term should be chosen — our applications find connections between payment terms and purchase orders from S/4HANA systems thus ridding users of chaotic actions.

Enable tracking purchasing documents without efforts

After connecting Payment Terms Governance to the S/4HANA systems, the application package starts monitoring all real purchase orders and defines which payment terms work best for each of them.

Key Features

To reach the aforementioned business goals, LeverX experts equipped the set of indivisible applications with multitasking functionality.

Each the apps performs distinct functions, such as “request payment terms”, “set up payment terms regulations”, etc., which leads to overall smooth payment terms management.

Another feature of the product — clear distribution of roles (Administrator, Operational Purchaser, and Strategic Purchaser) — is responsible for better transparency of the process.

The LeverX team involved in developing Payment Terms Governance has carefully tested the solution and published the application package on the SAP App Center. Currently, Payment Terms Governance works for all S/4HANA systems.

Check out an easy-to-use system that makes payment terms management and purchase documents tracking as simple as that!