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Master Data Governance - Visit us at SAPPHIRE / ASUG 2018

Author: Jason Laplante

Master Data Governance:  Most companies struggle with the issue of turning desired data governance policies into actionable yet simple and efficient data creation practice.  At the same time, creating accurate data which fuels the production, sales, and service life of your product is of utmost importance as explained below.

Product and business activity begins with the initial creation of data and extends through the lifecycle of that data

  • Material Master / Retail Article / BOM data / Recipe & Formulations
  • Vendor Master / Customer Master
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Asset Intelligence Network (AIN / Digital Twin)

If any of this data is incorrect, there are significant impacts to the business

  • Material Master – Incorrect data here can impact product mfg, sourcing, cost, sell price, storing, and shipping of the product as well as other business processes.
  • Vendor Master – Incorrect data here can impact the sourcing of the product, ability to pay invoices, track vendor performance, etc.
  • Customer Master – Incorrect data here can impact the ability to sell, deliver, and invoice the customer.

LeverX created BMAX coupled with IPS to enable you to create more data, more quickly and accurately using a data governance rules engine and user-defined workflow. 

  • BMAX brings your data governance policies to life by encapsulating them into data rules that can be utilized by the BMAX Rules Engine to create and extend data with the click of a button.
  • IPS provides the ability to tailor workflows required to finish the task of creating or modifying master data that cannot be defined by specific rules.
  • Rather than bottle-necking the data creation process via a clerical Data Steward role, instead utilize a Governance Council to develop data rules in BMAX that does the clerical work for you.
  • Simplify and streamline the master data creation process with efficient tools and workflow to accelerate product time to market.
  • Put the power and control of BMAX and IPS into the hands of your business users to free up your valuable IT resources to focus on other priorities. IT expertise is not needed to develop home-grown tools and processes, nor to maintain the integration of non-SAP solutions that can deliver part of the data creation and management process.

To learn more about the SAP add-on solutions (IPS, BMAX, and IQ), please Contact Us to discuss these with one of our solution experts.